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on break

We celebrated the start of Christmas break with popcorn and Blue’s Clues.


It was also a pajama/hooded sweatshirt day.  High five!

We headed to Fort Wayne this weekend to hang out with friends.  First up: Kimberly and Miles!  This was Kimberly and I’s first time meeting, if you don’t count the time I accosted her on the street wearing a matching maternity dress.  As you do.  Anyhow, it was so good to meet and to hang out and talk.  Unfortunately, Leo was a bit of a mess for the playdate – he got freaked out by Kimberly’s super sweet dog, Denali, and the he melted down because Miles wanted to give him hugs.  Scrambled eggs helped him out and then he found his all time favorite – stairs!  He was super happy to climb these time and time again with Miles!

Leo is pantsless because he was such a mess during the diaper change I didn’t want to fight him with pants and I hoped a little nakedness would cheer him up.  It didn’t really work at the time.

Later on Kimberly and I met up at Old Navy because Kim had coupons to share!  We both scored free workout capris and tops.  I got a cute drawstring-bottom tank top and capris.  Love!  And love free stuff!  (I might have also found another cardigan… because I’m addicted.)  It was awesome to get so much time with Kimberly and since Dave and I get to Fort Wayne fairly often, I’m hopeful we can make it a more regular thing.

After Old Navy Dave and Leo and I met up with friends from college.  We learned two valuable lessons: 1) never ever ever go near the mall close to Christmas.  Oh.my.word.  It was insanity.  2) Have friends meet Leo, but then leave him with a babysitter.  Trying to keep Leo happy in a nutso environment, with new people, and his insatiable desire to run was a bit distracting and exhausting.  Next time we’ll get a sitter and actually get to focus on our friends!

Are you on Christmas break?  How are you celebrating?


4 thoughts on “on break

  1. It was so great to see you. If only we had coordinated this time! Leo was just a bit accosted by friendliness. I certainly wouldn’t want non-stop hugs from a crazy stranger. I am definitely up for coming to Amish country! Best wishes this week!

  2. So nice that you got to spend time with friends! Even if it was crazy at the mall… lol. Love that the boys got to meet up. They are too darn cute together. I hope it becomes a regular playdate!

  3. I was just telling Jill and Aaron last night about how you met your blogger friend with the same name wearing the same maternity dress that afternoon in FW and it WAS as awkward as you feared it be when I made you get out of my car and run across the street to say hi 🙂 Hahahahaha, it’s still just as funny, today!

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