a day in the life: 16 months

Another month has ticked by.  It’s possible these monthly updates are less than exciting now that Leo is older, so I’ll have to admit they’re a little selfish in nature.  I like recapping his month.  And I like being able to pick a month at random and go back and read about it.  So for now, they’re going to keep coming.  Indulge me!

IMG_20121219_112554 (1)Sitting at the table at IKEA like a big boy.

Schedule: Dave and I wake up at 4am and stick our faces in mugs of coffee.  I hop on the treadmill around 4:40am and run til 6am.  6am Leo gets out of his crib.  Chances are he’s been up for a little bit – on average about 20 minutes, but on a bad morning, longer.  He immediately drinks a cup of milk and runs around in happiness.  He’s very cuddly and wants to be close in the morning.  This translates into a lot of climbing, grabbing, and standing on me.  It’s very physical cuddling, but I love it!  About 7:15am Dave makes breakfast and shares it with Leo – either steel cut oats or a green smoothie.  We try to find a quick morning outing for Leo – it seems to help his mood – like a trip to the store or a visit to neighbors.  Or we’ll put on a little Blue’s Clues.  At 11am he has lunch, which is leftovers or odds and ends.  Then he plays for a little and he’s down for his nap by noon, although sometimes a little earlier.  He sleeps about 2 hours, sometimes more.  On days he goes less we try to leave him in the crib for a full 2 hours, in hopes he might settle back down, or at least rest some more.  Once he’s up he gets a snack (generally animal crackers) and then plays.  At 5pm we have dinner and almost always Leo has what we have (exception: if it’s chili or something tomato-based we give Leo eggs or leftovers, as tomatoes tend to give him a very angry diaper rash).  After dinner is bathtime and run-around-naked time, then bed at 6pm!

FavoritesPa.  Buttered peas, animal crackers, applesauce, clementines, bananas.  Dancing to music, playing with old remotes and cell phones, stepping up and down, getting chased, baths, pushing shopping carts, balloons.  Still loves feet, too, and is so proud when we ask him where things are and he shows us.

IMG_20121219_123238Watching cars on the turnpike at the rest stop outside of Chicago.

Dislikes: Getting dressed (if we sing the hokey pokey it goes much smoother), diaper changes (again, singing helps), being patient, Pa leaving.

Talking: Most of what Leo says is still his own language, but there are a few words that are emerging.  Last night he said “step” very clearly several times.  He can say “again” and “right there” and “bah” for ball… but it all depends on his mood whether he actually tries for a word or just says “ooh.”  Most of the time I feel like the words are right there under the surface – he just hasn’t decided to actually start saying them yet.

In general it just seems like Leo really understands what we are saying and doing.  He can imitate us quickly and understand directions and questions.  We love the schedule we’ve set up – the after dinner bath times and subsequent run-around-naked times are so precious we can barely stand it.  At dinner last night he made a funny face and we laughed and then made it back and he started laughing and then we were all making the face and laughing and it felt like a real interaction, like family time at the table.  It was amazing having a baby and it’s even more amazing having this new member of the family, who is in on the joke and giving and receiving alongside us.


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  1. I love these updates – it’s like a virtual baby book that you’ll be able to go back and look at forever. You could even print out the posts and put them in a real book if you wanted to 🙂

  2. It’s fun to see your schedule…. wow, I can’t believe how early you all get up! I get up at 5:15 and thought THAT was early! Leo certainly has his own personality already! Love it! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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