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Dave got his braces off!  He looks just as handsome as ever, but it is so fun to see them gone!  We actually came back from our roadtrip to Chicago a day earlier than planned so Dave could get them off sooner.  Otherwise, he would have had to wait until January.  (I think Dave probably could have waited but I was so antsy.  I love changes and surprises and I’m never patient enough to wait.)

We had a lot of fun visiting my cousins in Bolingbrook.  Leo loved having new people to run around with and talk to.  He colored and threw around balls and knocked over towers and jumped on the bosu ball and hunted for squirrels at the window.  Dave and I got to hang out, play Mario Kart (Dave), go to Costco and IKEA, borrow books to read (me), eat delicious food (salted caramel chocolates are the devil), and laugh a bunch.






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  1. Yay! Dave looks great! I bet he is happy to have them off. Does he have to wear a retainer now?

    Bummed you were in Chicagoland and I didn’t get to see you… 😉 But happy you had a great time! 🙂

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