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Little Shopper (guest blog by Dave)

Little mister was up early the other day and we didn’t want him to wake our hosts. So I found the nearest Walmart and off we went!

Big stores have been a godsend for both Leo and I: he gets to run around, have fun, and explore; I get a non-fussy toddler and can check a few items off my list. Win-win.

First off, he ran in and started flirting with a lady in the bakery. Typical.

Next, he found a fellow shopper (not many around 6 am) and proceeded to commandeer her cart. He got very sad when I told him that she needed it back. Lots of crying as we proceeded to get him his OWN shopping cart.



He needed to take a break upon seeing this:


He stood on it for a second, seemed satisfied, and off we went. Leo gives the push, I give the direction.

Somehow, against all odds, he spotted this while blazing through the isles, and came to a dead stop to inspect it further:


Random. Boy knows his stuff.

Going into the toys section was a bad idea. I knew it, but reacted too late. Leo spotted this truck and immediately needed it. Much wailing. I proceeded to snap a picture. Bad dad? Perhaps.


Next up, the giant floor cleaner. Only at 6am. Leo was intrigued and very bashful when the rider smiled and waved while going past.


All in all, a great trip, followed by a power nap on the way home. Thank you, Sam Walton.


3 thoughts on “Little Shopper (guest blog by Dave)

  1. Dave – you are funny guest! Leo, you are a typical 1 year old…and also very funny! I love the striped pjs on him! I just wish all the Wal-Mart frequenters abided by ‘only-toddlers-can-get-by-with-wearing-their-pajamas-in-public’ rule…

  2. Early morning is the BEST time to go to WalMart. And I personally love that you took his picture mad about the truck 🙂 Definitely not “bad Dad” haha!

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