typical weekend

Typical weekend over here.  Laundry.  Trip to the library.  Clean-out-the-fridge meals.  Coffee.  Bathtime baby.  Odds and ends.  Sunday football.

Dave hung a hook for me and now our bedroom corner is complete!


Hanging anything on the walls is always infinitely more complex than you would think, because the walls are plaster and require special hooks and extra care.  You can’t just knock a screw in.  It’s a process.  A process I know nothing about but thankfully Dave does!

Print from Gus and Lula.  I love the bit of color and the sweet but not overtly mushy phrase (“my whole heart for my whole life”).  Quilt from my mom and large crock (that is crazy heavy) from Dave’s parents.


How was your weekend?


One thought on “typical weekend

  1. It’s nice to hear not everyone is running around like a maniac trying to get ready for Christmas!! And that’s what I did this weekend – Christmas programs, Christmas cards, and Christmas baking. Tis the season!!

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