growing up

It still surprises me how quickly Leo became a little boy and left his baby ways behind him.


When we go to the grocery store Leo doesn’t want to ride in the cart, he wants to push it!


He pushed that cart all over Meijer – fast – and we just steered.  People loved watching him fly past.  Busy boy.

His other new favorite thing is the treadmill.  Previously we kept the ottoman pushed up against the two couches so he couldn’t get back to the treadmill, but now that he is more stable and stepping up and down better, we’ve left it open.  He loves it and probably spends half his time stepping up and down.  He also likes to go behind the couch and look out the window.


We’ve also finally gotten to some better mornings.  Before Leo was waking up around 4:30am and not going back to sleep.  Then he got sick, which threw off all our schedules big time.  But last week we decided to just leave him in his crib til 6am, even if he was crying hard.  It took two mornings (harder for Dave than me – I was on the treadmill so I couldn’t hear the crying) but now he is in his crib and quiet until 6am.  At 4:40 I typically hear him give one small shout, but then he seems to go back to sleep.  Then around 5:55 or 6am he’ll start to talk or fuss a little and I’ll go in and get him up for the day.  So much better!  And he’s in a much better mood in the morning, too, which shows us he’s getting the rest he needs.  Hooray!


3 thoughts on “growing up

  1. So happy to hear the morning schedule is getting beter!

    Aww, I love it when kids look out the window. Why is that so darn cute to me?! LOL

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