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I do not claim to have any crafting talent.  Truth be told, I think all crafting and artistic skills in our family dwell squarely between my mom and two sisters, who can sew, draw, scrapbook, paint, make jewelry, and much more.  But I aspire.  And on Sunday Shannan hosted a wreath party.  She had all the supplies – wreaths, yarn, bling, ribbon – and we brought the food.  I brought popcorn, which I always love, but shoot, these girls put me to shame.  They had drunken goat cheese and cookie dip and this crack bark that was so good I thought about quitting my wreath and just sitting in a corner with the jar of it.

We wrapped and wrapped and glued and tied and whined but it was all worth it:

IMG_2890(photo stolen from Shannan)

I’ve got mine hanging up in the kitchen, where it fills the door to the mudroom like it was meant to be.


Then I got so yarn-ish and inspired that I went and crafted a little more: two pom garlands for the dining room windows.


As for Shannan, I’m going to go ahead and brag on her for a minute.  Sunday she hosted the amazing party and then early Monday morning she took Leo for us as Dave had work and I had a 7:30am dermatology appointment (remember my skin cancer?).  And then she – voluntarily – took Leo along while she and Silas ran errands.  Leo got home at 11 – just in time for lunch and naptime – happy, tired, and decked out in big boy 4t pajamas (another point for Shannan: dealing with a leaky diaper and parents who failed to pack a change of clothes).  Proof:

You keep a friend like that around.  Especially if she’s the crack bark supplier.


5 thoughts on “yarnin’

  1. I like this friend already-she’s crafty, organized, and can cook! 🙂 your wreath is super cute (and the garlands)! I’m proud sister! Where did Shannan get the bling for the wreath? It is unique!

  2. CRAP! I JUST MADE THAT CRACK BARK LAST NIGHT! And I thought to myself…Kim is gonna love this, I hope I can get some to her!

    Anyways – you’re wreath?! Do tell!
    How’d you make it?!
    Look out, Kim – you now have something to obsess and be addicted over…
    Enjoy crafting 🙂

  3. Aww! What a great friend! And what a fun party. I am not crafty either but that ALMOST looks like something I could do. Minus having the yarn be straight.

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