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y’all gonna make me lose my mind

“y’all” being “infected ears”

It’s been some rough days over here.  There aren’t potatoes in the living room (yet) but there are frayed nerves, dirty jammies, Dora episodes, tired parents, and scattered toys.  There are vials of medicine and dirty and clean medicine droppers every which way.

I used my handy-dandy Sherlock skills to figure out Leo’s not allergic to amoxicillin.  Nope, he’s allergic to ibuprofen.  Yesterday morning Leo’s rash was worse, which was when I realized, “hey, this looks like the rash he had last time he had an ear infection, when we though the rash was caused by his immunizations, but was probably caused by the ding-dang ibuprofen we were giving him.”  So we’re off the ibuprofen, which is perfect because I bought a brand new bottle Sunday and opened it so we would be ready for it during the night.  We have managed to evade the open-sores-horrific-diaper rash that came with last time.  So there’s that at least.

And in the midst of this, Leo’s spouted off his first words: “right there.”  So unbelievably precious.  (Video coming soon?  You betcha.)  Technically “mmm” for “moo” came first (as in “what does a cow say?”) but does “mmm” count as a word?  I’m not sure.

It’s warm out, which means we can take lots of walks, which tends to chill Leo out and help him forget about his aching ears.  Global warming win!  And Leo took a superstar nap yesterday, which gives me hope that things are on the up and up.

Blip in the radar, I know.  But we want peace and happy, nonrashy, nonachey babies back.  Up in here.  Up in here.


10 thoughts on “y’all gonna make me lose my mind

  1. Poor kiddo but great mama for figuring that out! How did those come about to be his first words? Jon is trying endlessly to make Elden’s first word “boobies.” He is also on a mission to teach Elden what the “boobies” are so that he can say “Elden, show daddy where your boobies are” (and his dream is that Elden will point to me).


    Wishing you peace and happy baby on this fine Tuesday!

  2. Ugh, poor guy! I am happy you figured out his allergy and hope that that helps. And happy to hear the warm weather is helping him too 😉

    I cannot wait to see his “right there” video! Maybe his next phrase will be “up in here”? 😉

  3. Oh, poor peanut and poor Mama! But how smart are YOU for figuring that out. Does he handle Tylenol better? Ibuprofen was our go to pain reliever – I hope you figure out an alternate.

    Are his ears getting better? THey should be by now. If not, maybe a different antibiotic is in order…

    Can’t wait for new video! 🙂

  4. Okay, so when YOU click on my name up there does it take you to my blog or to a dumb Gravatar thing? I loathe technology!!!! Text ya later! haha

  5. Three cheers for the big boy and three thumbs down for double ear infections. Oh, how joyous those are – said no mom ever. And Leo must have skipped words and gone on to whole sentences. Very impressive.

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