going to the doctor

On Thursday Leo had his 15mo. check-up with the doctor.  The appointment was serendipitious, as we had started to suspect on Wednesday that Leo had an ear infection (was really fussy, didn’t want to eat, felt a little hot, sometimes would clutch his head).  Turns out that we were, unfortunately, right.  Double ear infection, although he doesn’t have anything else – no runny nose or cough – so at least it’s somewhat isolated.  The visit itself was a little crazy – Leo apparently now remembers bad things – like shots – happen at the doctor’s.  When the nurse called us back – the same nurse that we always have and that gives the shots – Leo turned tail and ran.  Once we got in the room and she shut the door, he started sobbing.  He cried harder when we sat him in the bucket to get weighed.  He calmed down a little bit once she left and was fine with the doctor, at first.  But as soon as she put a light in his eyes he lost it – crying, arching his back, pushing her hands away.  All three of us had to hold him down so she could see in his ears!

Because he did have ear infections we decided to postpone his immunizations.  We’ll go back in two weeks to have his ears checked and get the shots.

Now for the good news!  Leo now weighs 27lbs., which is the 78th percentile!  Just to recap:

  • At 4 months Leo was in the 7th percentile.
  • At 6 months he was in the 0 percentile and had fallen off the chart.
  • At 9 months he was in the 5th percentile.
  • At 12 months he was in the 46th percentile.
  • At 15 months he was in the 78th percentile.

From skinny skinny little guy to chubster!  The doctor was laughing at his very steep upward swing on the growth chart!

As for Leo’s ears, they’re slowly getting there.  Thursday was rough.  By 5pm he was overtired, feverish, shaking head to toe, and inconsolable.  He ended up falling asleep for the night at 5:15pm – and slept until 5:30am (with a few wake-ups in between).  He’s continued to be temperamental and clingy and his sleeping is less than great (but could be tons worse).  Saturday night we were up quite a few times but then Leo and I both slept in til 6:30am.  That’s the latest I’ve slept in quite a long time!  Leo has really happy moments – dancing and pointing and giggling – and just as quickly will start holding his head and crying.  He also stalks Dave like a madman – he is extra clingy to his pa!

Since the weather was nice this weekend we did spend some time in the backyard on the swings and slide.  Leo loved it!  And we got out for some walks, too.


We are giving Leo an antibiotic.  We started out with amoxicillin, but Leo started developing a rash on his face and chest, so we switched to something different and are hoping the rash will clear up (if not, we’ll have to take a look at the ibuprofen).  We’re also giving him probiotics (in a powder form we mix with water, leftover from when he was a baby) and yogurt, to help encourage growth of healthy bacteria, as antibiotics attack bacteria (healthy and unhealthy).

Tell me some good non-sick, non-fussy things about your weekend!


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  1. oooh no!!! I didn’t even think about when they’re older enough to associate things like shots!! So sorry for your little man 😦 This weekend I got to have Taco Bell which is a guilty indulgence so that was good 🙂

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