scenes of Christmas

Stockings knit by my mom:

Leo’s handprint?  Nope, it’s Mosie’s!  My parents gave us this pet-ornament-making kit two years ago for Christmas and we just got around to doing it.  It’s fun to have Mosie’s extra toes hanging on the tree!  It’s also the only ornament since we didn’t want to put any up for Leo to grab/destroy/hide/eat.

Book tree (thanks for the idea, Kel!):

Free Christmas print (I managed to print this for free using an awesome Walgreens code right before Thanksgiving)!

What are your favorite Christmas decorations?


6 thoughts on “scenes of Christmas

  1. Lights on our banister, mini tree w/mini ornaments I’ve had since I was a kid, wedding decor vases filled with pinecones, greenery from our tree, bulbs, and lace decorating our fireplace.
    Love your decor 🙂 adorable!

  2. I love Mosie’s handprint! And the book tree! You have the best decorating sense!

    We put a candle in each window in our house, and despite the simplicity, I think that is my fave decoration!

  3. So cute. And your tree looks a lot like ours. Except for the Mosie paw print. I knew that no ornaments would be hung this year when Miles saw them and started saying, “Ball. Ball. Ball!!!!”

    My favorite decorations are the faux pine garland and cranberries that I put on the mantle with our stockings. I am going to add some candles this year, too, once I have time to go to Hobby Lobby.

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