a day in the life: 15 months

The other day I mistakenly thought 15 months was almost a 1.5 years, until I realized that’s 18 months, not 16 months.  Your mom is really good at math, Leo.  Anyhow, here’s what’s up with Gus at 15 months!

A whole lot of handsomeness, that’s what.


  • animal crackers (Leo knows they’re in a jar on the counter so he’ll often wander into the kitchen and point for crackers… even after he just finished a meal)
  • pointing (at everything.  Mostly with purpose… sometimes randomly and without much focus or care.)
  • being “big” (sitting on the couch or chairs, sharing his drinks with us, stepping on and off things by himself)
  • Blue’s Clues (we typically watch about one episode a day, generally when Leo has hit a peak of fussiness and needs to chill out.  He claps and talks to the characters, too.)
  • baths and being naked (we can’t say the word “bath” or he runs to the bathroom, tugs on the shower curtain, and starts crying.  And if you undress him for the bath too soon he will often pee in excitement on the floor next to the tub.)
  • food (just about any and all.  If we’re eating it then he wants it.)
  • running (ev.ery.where.)
  • stacking (obsessed with stacking, unstacking, restacking)
  • books (particularly the return of Adorable You and Touch and Feel Animals)
  • seeing other kids (serious love on this one.  He followed some little kids around Walmart the other day, grinning like a fool).
  • looking out the window, going down slides, cars, balls, and animal nesting dolls

(Because I know someone will notice – probably Jill because she’s really good at clothing Leo – this is a weird mismatched outfit consisting of sweatpants and a pajama top due to a bizarre morning.  Please refer to the top picture and pretend that Leo is always dressed in cute polos and argyle sweaters and the like.)


  • getting dressed (Seriously, the kid runs when I say the word “pants” and I have mastered the art of jacketing while chasing.)
  • sleeping in (Getting him past 5:50am is a once-a-month miracle.  Sometimes getting him past 5:30am is quite lucky.)
  • fuzzies on his hand or other weird textures (the rough horse hair on his wooden rocking horse elicits quite the entertaining face.)

Teeth: Tons.  We’ve got chompers or soon-to-be chompers everywhere in that mouth.  He’s got all four molars, either in or just broken through.  All his top teeth working through except his 2-year molars.  All his bottom teeth except for his 2 year molars and his canines.

Talking: Tons of babbling – way more than before.  And it’s taken on a much more conversational tone.  When we ask “really?” or “what happened next?” he’ll elucidate further.  At times I can get worried that he hasn’t spoken any words yet, but he clearly understands what we are saying, knows what things are, and has the babbling thing down.  He’ll get there when he’s ready.  And honestly, he waited awhile to even start babbling, so it makes sense (he started about 9 months but didn’t really do it a ton until closer to a year).

No: At first Leo was really upset with being told no and it took awhile for him to figure out its meaning.  He basically learned on the downstairs trashcan, which he insisted on touching/lifting the lid of.  After a few weeks (2 or 3?) of watching him like a hawk and consistently saying “no” and smacking his hand if he went back for it, he seemed to get what no meant.  Now we can say it and he generally listens.  I don’t feel like he pushes it very often and it’s pretty rare that I have to smack his hand (although just this morning it happened when he very intent with trying to touch a plug).  There are certain things we say no to the most – no yelling, no fussing (when it’s whining), no throwing.  It’s actually really interesting to watch because he’ll often try different levels after he’s told no, while looking at us, to gauge what is acceptable or not.  You can see him learning and processing it!  It’s also helpful when we’re out because we can tell him “no fussing/yelling” and generally get a change in his behavior (not always but hey).

Schedule: We wake up at 4 am , drink coffee and run. I run from about 4:40 til 6 am on the treadmill and then Dave gets on at 6am. Leo gets up at 6am (sometimes a little earlier, but we try to keep him in his crib til 6).  Milk and a little breakfast when he first gets up – generally a pancake or a muffin (we have one of these pretty much always on hand).  Then breakfast later on – a green smoothie, most days.  Sometimes a morning snack, sometimes not.  Lunch at 11am.  Nap 12pm-2:30pmish.  Afternoon snack.  Dinner at 5pm.  After dinner bath.  Milk and brushing teeth.  Bed at 6pm.

Other: Still working on a full head of hair, but definitely making progress (sadly, this is all my fault – Dave certainly did his best to bring the “lots of good, thick hair genes” into the equation.  I was rather bald at 1 year, so Leo’s at least surpassing me.).  It’s fun to see his sense of humor develop – he does things to be funny or silly and he knows it.  He seems so tall lately, so I’m anxious to see his new measurements at our appointment this Thursday.  We imagine he’s made another big jump in the height and weight categories.  Leo’s social but also needs time to chill out on his own.  Sometimes when he’s really cranky we put him back in his crib with the noise machine on and a book and let him hang for 10-20 minutes.  He ends up much happier.  He needs his alone time it seems (he takes after Dave!).

Leo, you get cooler and cooler (and cuter and cuter) with every month.  We love hanging out with you!


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  1. Ok, you just made my WHOLE DAY with that video. I could watch it over and over. In fact, I’m going to let James watch it when he gets home from school 😉

  2. I like reading updates about Leo. But the thing that really stands out — that you get up at 4:00!! Daannnng! 🙂

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