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thanksgiving weekend

Dave and Leo and I spent Thanksgiving day down in Fort Wayne with my aunt and uncle, my cousin, and a few friends.  We actually went to Fort Wayne on Wednesday night.  About halfway there I realized we forgot the pack-and-play, but luckily we were able to make a temporary crib for Leo out of a mattress, some blankets, and pillows.  It was a pretty cozy fort!

Thursday morning Dave and I did our traditional Thanksgiving run.  It was gorgeous out, not too cold, and we ran along the river trail.  We did about 5 miles.  While we were out, Leo stayed back and played.

We had a great Thanksgiving at my cousin’s beautiful new condo.  We ate, played games, watched football… all the typical stuff.  My sisters and brother were all down in Tennessee at my parents’ for the weekend, and we got to skype with them on Thursday afternoon.  It meant so much to me to get to see them all!

Hanging out, fascinated by Uncle Lyn’s hair:

We came back home on Thursday night and all crashed out hard.  The rest of the weekend was a mix of hanging out and relaxing and getting stuff done – laundry, house projects, yardwork, cleaning.  We also busted out the Christmas decorations!

Normally Dave and I are pretty slow about getting Christmas decorations up, but it was definitely more exciting to do this year, knowing how much Leo would love it.  We were right – he loves to point to the tree and to touch it and the lights.  We don’t have a star for our tree but found a good substitute:

Mr. Carrot!  For those who don’t know, Mr. Carrot is Leo’s best friend.  He has 4 (now 5 – thanks, Beth!).  Generally there is one out and about for playing and he always has one in his crib.  He can’t sleep without Mr. Carrot.  Leo loves to point to the top of the tree for Mr. Carrot!

How was your Thanksgiving?  What was the best thing you ate?  I’m going with pumpkin pie… or fruit pizza.


5 thoughts on “thanksgiving weekend

  1. We have that carrot too–is it an IKEA find? And when did he start exhibiting attachment to it? Trying to figure out if/when Elden will recognize a specific toy or blanket as his security buddy 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh. I love your tree topper. TOO FUNNY! We went to a friend’s for Thanksgiving dessert and they have big Mr Carrot.

    Love that Leo loves the tree! And his little fort! The pack n play is getting too small for Luca – we should make him a fort next time!

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