the chronology of me

My mom recently found these pictures of me when they were cleaning out my grandma’s apartment and they were just too rich not to share!

kindergarten (5 years old):

1st grade (I loved that shirt):

2nd grade (Easter jumper sewed by mom):

3rd grade (sisters, remember those pink rose barrettes?)

4th grade (new to glasses… starting to edge into awkwardness):

5th grade (Hello, awkward!  Neon cat vest and purple silk shirt and clip-on gold hoop earrings.  I was the height of cool, was I not?):

6th grade (new hairstyle!):

7th grade (orange short-sleeved sweater with overalls – are you jealous of my style yet?):


12 thoughts on “the chronology of me

  1. You are brave to put up your 5th grade picture! I don’t remember your long hair in 7th grade! We definitely rocked those MC hammer pants/jumpers at Easter!

  2. these are priceless, but if you really want to up the ante, i dare you to post pictures of the phase when you were spiking your hair with a ridiculous amount of gel.

  3. I’m really digging the kindergarten bowl cut for your hair. I have several quite awkward years in my childhood chronology too. My kindergarten picture has me with super short hair as I wanted it cut short like a boy. I was still in denial that I was destined to be a girl for the rest of my life.

  4. I had that same crazy cat vest in the fourth and fifth grade! (Thanks a lot, Mom.) It had some sweet stripy leggings and hair bow to match.

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