the mom-cation

I took my “mom-cation” on Saturday.  In the morning Dave took Leo out to the mall and Sam’s Club to run around and pick up a few things, so I got a run in.  I initially hoped to do a long run, but wasn’t feel particularly energized or enthused.  I did 4 miles, got off, texted with Dave a bit, then hopped back on for another 3.  Seven isn’t bad,  but for having a free morning to run as much as I wanted, I had hoped to do more.  After that I showered and then Dave and Leo came home.  I was getting really hungry, so I quick boiled up some peas and macaroni for Leo and I.  Then I headed out!

  • First stop: library to pick up some books.
  • Second stop: Target to return a few things.  I wandered around a bit and bought some birthday cards and a small gift for my niece.
  • Third stop: Panera.  I got some decaf and read and read and read.  I refilled my decaf and bought a frosted shortbread cookie that really wasn’t that good (but I ate it anyway).  Read some more.
  • Fourth stop: Meijer.  I was looking for skid-proof socks for Leo but didn’t find any.  Picked up some apples and a few small things.
  • Fifth stop: home.  It was a little earlier than I expected, but I got kind of bored.  Dave and Leo were out for a walk when I got home, so I read on the couch (just about finished my book!) and ate some frozen strawberries.  Yum.

Dave and Leo got home about 3:45 and I hung out with them.  After dinner I threw together an apple chocolate chip zucchini cake which baked while we hung out with Leo and got him ready for bed.  Then Dave and I ate cake and chilled.

All in all, it was a nice day and it was fun to read and get out on my own, but I told Dave that I think maybe I should have spent the day getting stuff done or hanging out with people instead.  I think I defaulted on taking an alone day when maybe that really wasn’t what I needed – maybe I needed to be productive or social.  Still, I’m really grateful that Dave prompted me to take the day and that he took over Leo so I could get out!

Sunday morning we enjoyed some loaded scones –

blueberry, chocolate chip, and cinnamon.  The recipe used coconut oil instead of butter, which was cool.  These were good but could have used more oil, I think.  They were a little too dry and biscuit-y and not as soft and scone-y as I would have liked.  Still, add a blueberry or a chocolate chip and you’re in business!

Thanksgiving week – what are your plans?  We’re headed to Fort Wayne later in the week to spend time with my aunt and uncle and cousins.  I’m planning on doing some roasted garlicky green beans in the crockpot.  What about you?


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      1. Ooh okay 🙂 I still drink decaf because I’m in the habit from when I was pregnant. Not sure how much (if any) caffeine could be passed through my breastmilk so I figure it better safe than sorry.

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