days like yesterday

Days like yesterday, I don’t even try.

Dinner is noodles and peas with butter and nutritional yeast.  It’s lazy and it’s fast and has a vegetable.  High five.

Babies don’t get bathed.  They get zipped up in the same sleeper they wore the night before and the whole day through and put right back into the crib they did not spend enough time in.  A whole hour earlier than normal bedtime.

Banana peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream is made, not because of hunger but because of need.

A potato is found in the family room, which is on an entirely different level than the kitchen.  A potato.  I’m not even going to try to explain.

Days like yesterday, Dave brings me decaf and gently suggests I find a time to take a “mom-cation.”  But since I’m too tired today (or the sound of teethy-overtired fussing is crowding everything else out), you tell me what you think my mom-cation should be.  I’ll be here with my displaced potato.

And go.


15 thoughts on “days like yesterday

  1. Im not a mom, but I’m praying for you Kim!!!! A mani/pedi? A date in a coffee shop with a relaxing favorite book, coffee and a little pastry?

  2. A potato in the family room? I love it. And we are a two-night PJ family if it’s any consolation. I have great ideas for a mom-cation. This time of year, my favorite is to hit the outlets in Michigan City and get a baby-free lunch. Heck, even the Angola outlets have Gap, Under Armour and Reebok. I like mani-pedis but they don’t take long enough. Or you could always hit the big city for a fun workout class, lunch and the mall 🙂

  3. Leave the boys at home and come to Butler for the weekend 🙂

    I do like the coffee shop idea – nothing beats a hot beverage and a pastry you didn’t have to bake.

  4. I agree with Kelly – this blog post gets an award. And you were having a bad day?! Apparently that fuels your creative literacy capabilities and we are all enjoying it…Hugs from here, friend. I’ll try to text more Jack Handy quotes…

  5. Ugh! Huge hugs for you! Time for another massage! 🙂

    And lol about the potato!

    (Do you have the banana ice cream recipe online? I loved it!)

  6. Preach, sista!

    I vote spa mani/pedi, fancy pants coffee shop drink, and some retail therapy…

    ……….and perhaps top the night off with a glass (bottle) of wine. 🙂

  7. Sigh. Days like that are rough. But sometimes the grocery store was enough of a mom cation for me, as completely unexciting as it sounds, but only if I could go BY MYSELF.

    Or 2 hours alone in a book store or the library. Heaven.

    Hang in there…

    1. Grr iPhone! Sometimes I just love going to the grocery store alone! And then I walk up and down all the aisles. Buy some Christmas gifts. Take a long walk. Get a cup of coffee and a pedicure. Okay, now I’m just listing things I want to do. 🙂

  8. any retreat houses/abbeys/monasteries in the somewhat near-ish vicinity? maybe grab a few girls and get a nice hotel room for a night? or a massage and pedi (after all, 5 marathons later, your feet deserve some attention). I’m still impressed. 🙂 xox (potatoes in living rooms–of course! and pasta and peas is impressive–I would’ve gotten take-out. haha)

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