pashmina to circle scarf

I’ve got a little tutorial here.  It’s nothing special and chances are you’ve figured it out yourself, but on the off chance you haven’t, here you go!  Warning: this post is full of awkward self-portraits.  I’m sorry.

I love scarves in the winter.  I love having my neck wrapped up so warm and cozy.  And since I tend to wear the same clothes year round (just with various layers), scarves help me feel like an outfit I’ve worn the past 7 months just became “new.”  I have three pashmina scarves.  They’re super soft, can be worn dressed up or down, and are most often worn like this:

Or at least that was the way I always wore them!  I like this way, but the dangling ends often get in my way and it sometimes felt like I forgot to take my scarf off when I took off my coat.  Then I figured out how to make my pashmina into a circle scarf!

Self-portrait crazy eyes.  

First step: knot your scarf together at either end and once in the middle using the tasseled ends.

My tassels were pretty long so I actually knotted each tassel further down, then cut off the extra.  It makes for tucking in the tasseled ends easier.  I actually keep mine knotted even when I wear the scarf the other way (shown above) – you can’t tell they’re tied and it’s easier than untying and retying the knots.

Loop the scarf over your head with the tassels at the back of your neck.

Grab the bottom of the scarf and loop it over your head again.

Grab the bottom of the scarf and loop it over your head one more time.

Adjust the scarf as needed to make some loops longer or shorter and to have them lay as you want.  Tuck the tassels beneath the layers so they aren’t obvious.  And there you have it – pashmina gone circle scarf!


6 thoughts on “pashmina to circle scarf

  1. Love it! I have a growing pashmina collection- 6! Saw really cute polka dot ones at Kohl’s in MI over the weekend…I want!

  2. I have been doing this with my scarves but only looping 2x! I like the 3x loop look better! Must try!

    (one of my scarves was too short to tie so I used a safey pin to connect and extend it – ha!)

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