Leo hasn’t been sleeping as great lately.  Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been terrible, but it’s just been rougher than normal.  Shorter naps.  Early mornings.  Middle of the night cries.  Yesterday he was on the changing table and I was tickling his feet and as he was laughing I got my answer to all the crankiness.  Teeth.  Lots and lots of budding, poking teeth.

This has been one of the most helpful kid-things I pinned off Pinterest.

Right now Leo is sprouting six new chompers all at once – two molars (top and bottom on left side), two lateral incisors (bottom), two cuspids (top).  Yikes!  The good news is that after this he’ll just have six teeth left – his bottom cuspids and his four two-year molars.  Light at the end of the tunnel!  For now we’re giving him Hyland’s teething tablets when he wakes up at night and being flexible with his schedule.  Yesterday he took a morning powernap.  We’ve also been watching Blue’s Clues to help us get through the fussy/tired moments.

Yesterday we also saw the first snow, but I don’t even want to talk about that.  Further reason for crankiness in this house, if you ask me.  Snow and teething.  Boo.


5 thoughts on “chompers

  1. I love this chart! Thanks for sharing it 🙂
    I love you guys too – hope last night went better!
    And we picked up Hyland’s last night for Mr. Sully too…we’ll see if he can compete with Leo’s teeth 😉

  2. That is a GREAT chart! (and in my experience, molars and cuspids are the worst. blech) The good part about getting them all together is that it’ll be over sooner…hang in there!

  3. Poor Leo! And how crazy that he has so many coming in at once!

    I heard rumors of snow in Chitown too but am ignoring it since I did not see it 🙂

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