hosting the marathoners

Friday night we had some really awesome guests stay with us: Bobbi and Kim!  They were in town to run the nearby Columbia City marathon on Saturday.  I’ve met Kim once before – we grabbed lunch at Panera back in 2011 – but it was my first time meeting Bobbi.  We got to have dinner with them and hang out.  Leo was shy initially but then warmed up and even sat in Bobbi’s lap!  They brought Leo the most adorable book, too.  So sweet.

Saturday morning I waved Kim and Bobbi off and wished them good luck!

While they were off running a marathon I enjoyed a 30 minute massage that Dave bought for me.  It was glorious.  The massage table was even heated – that is the best idea ever.  We got to see Kim and Bobbi briefly again – they stopped by for showers.  They had a hard race but still had great attitudes and pushed through.  Made me want to go run!

The weather was so beautiful this weekend that Dave and I decided to take Leo on a bike ride Sunday morning.  We strapped him in and set off.  Halfway through we stopped to let Leo run around a little bit.

The ride back home was hard.  By that time the wind had picked up and we were riding into it.  It was 22mph winds whipping across open fields, coming straight at us or across.  I was having a really hard time so Dave offered to switch bikes with me (the bike trailer is hooked up to my bike).  We realized then how much of a difference the bike trailer makes when you ride!  It adds a bunch of resistance and weight.  Normally I don’t really notice it, but previously we’ve just gone a few miles around town.  Yesterday we rode 14 miles (note: if I had known we would ride 14 miles I would not have worn jeans).  It really helped to switch bikes for awhile!

With the weather being so beautiful we spent a lot of time outside this weekend, either biking or going on the slide in the backyard.

Hoisting your not-so-skinny toddler up to the top of the slide repeatedly is a great arm workout.

A pretty perfect weekend, quad-killing bike ride and all!  How did you enjoy the awesome weather this weekend?


4 thoughts on “hosting the marathoners

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for hosting us! I was so happy that we were able to get there at a decent hour and eat your wonderful meal and spend so much time chatting… what a treat! And I loved chasing Leo around the house! Hee hee hee. He is so fun!

    That heated table sounds soooo divine!!! 🙂

    And how great that you made the most of the awesome weather this weekend! Despite the not so awesome wind 🙂 It was warm in Chicagoland yesterday but windy (also) and really rainy! We kind of stayed inside. But! We made a vegan lasagna I bet you would think is fun. It was like normal lasagna but we made almond ricotta “cheese” to use! So cool!

    Okay. Longest comment ever. I must be trying to get that conversational feel going again. Ha ha 🙂

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