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Dave’s office

We’ve had plans for Dave’s office for a loooong time.  We actually bought a couch for it back when we did our initial IKEA house trip in August of 2010.  We bought the paint for it in 2010, too.  But other house painting projects took priority and then Leo came along and we really didn’t make any headway on the office!  Dave’s books have been scattered here and there and mostly in boxes.  So a few weeks ago we started working on the office.  The first weekend I painted the trim and Dave plastered all the holes and sanded them to get the wall ready.  Then the next weekend we made no movement because Leo skipped his nap.  The next weekend Dave rolled paint on the walls and Monday he did a second coat!

Office before:

Fabulously bright green and blue.  Grungy curtains.

After (in progress):

Walls are a silvery gray that sometimes has a blue tint depending on the light.  Desk bought from our old landlords when we moved out.  Crock from my parents.  Curtains (that you can barely see) were white ones from our first apartment.  I dyed them with RIT pearl gray and hemmed them.  I’m going to try dyeing them again at some point for a more saturated charcoal color.

Couch from IKEA.  Tables from our old landlords.

Bookshelf from IKEA.  Drum box was a gift from me to Dave our first Christmas.  Crates I had and ones I got from my grandma.  Old telephone sign from my parents.

We still have some things we want to do with the room – obviously moving Dave’s books in being a big one!  But it feels so good to have the space more finished and usable!  We’re both very excited.

Leo’s pretty excited about it, too!  He liked watching traffic.


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  1. I love it! I really love the desk and “older” items in there, if you know what I mean. Why’d you repaint it though?! LOL TOTALLY KIDDING.

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