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going for a PR… sort of

I’ve been debating what sort of running goal to set for myself this winter.  It’s easy for me to get burned out on the treadmill or to make excuses to run in the winter, so it’s helpful for me to have a goal to get excited about and work toward.  Last year I did the 100 days challenge, where I ran at least 1 mile for 100 days straight.  While I enjoyed the challenge and it really helped me get back into running post-Leo, I don’t want to do it again this year.

Instead, I want to go for a half marathon PR on the treadmill.  My best time is 1:54:35, from May of 2010, which is an 8:44 pace.  My best time this past year was at the Haunted Hilly half marathon with 2:06:22, which is a 9:39 pace.    That’s a big chunk of time to cut off as a whole, but also for each mile.  But hey, what’s a challenge if it’s not challenging?

I’m hoping to get this PR by the end of March.  I’ll probably do a practice round or two and lots of speedwork in the meantime, too.  If I get this, I’ll have to sign up for a spring half marathon to see if I can PR on the road, too!

Any tips or tricks you have for getting fast?


4 thoughts on “going for a PR… sort of

  1. That’s an awesome goal! I am wanting a half marathon PR by the Spring also. I found (in the past) that I got faster after I would do 1 hour tempo run on the treadmill at 7.0-7.2. I got really speedy when I did that! Good luck

  2. Did you steal a page from my book? My PR is just 20 seconds different and I’m hoping to break it this spring. When I got the 1:54, I followed a Runner’s World break 2:00 plan. This winter I’m adding HIIT and shorter intervals to maybe PR 5K at the Fanny Freezer before upping mileage. Good luck – you got this!

  3. I bet you can totally do it! I had similar starts in 2011 when I tried to PR in the half and I did it the first weekend in April!

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