I’m finding notes around the house today that Dave left:


This is my avocado hide-away-inside-a-table sewing machine that I bought for cheap from my college writing professor.  We’re working on our relationship right now.  Me and sewing have never been a great match – in high school I sewed the waistband of my pajama pants shut (twice) and the hood on a shirt backwards.  I made a skirt, too.  I never wore it.  I’m not sure it really was wearable.

In any case, me and old Avocado here are trying to be friends.  I hemmed a few curtains a few weeks ago that actually turned out pretty good.  My standards of “pretty good” are definitely different than my sewing-amazing mom, who made all our Easter dresses every year and is just plain awesome.  But the curtains are hemmed.  Straight (I think).  And they’re being used, which is more than I can say for that high school skirt.  I even own three spools of thread now – black, navy  blue, and white.  Big stuff.

I do need to figure out if this machine can wind a bobbin.  I’m not seeing how, so right now I have to spool the bobbin manually.  Funsies.

Do you sew?  I’ll keep you updated if I decide to tackle anything more ambitious than a straight hem.  We’ll see!


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  1. I have a sewing machine that my dad gave me for Christmas when the kids were babies. I can do some basic mending and such but have never attempted any “real” sewing. My girl and I made fleece gloves last year as a service project for church and I taught her how to use the machine.

    I even have one of these old machines – I inherited a sewing table from my grandma and the machine is still in it, along with all of her own thread and everything. I have no idea if this machine works or not, but it’s a Singer so my guess is it probably works like a champ.

  2. I just asked the hubs for a sewing machine for Christmas. I keep pleading my case that i can learn to hem pants. And make curtains. I SWEAR that I’ll use it!! (It’s like a kid trying to convince a parent to get a puppy!)

  3. Every Singer sewing machine allows bobbin winding….and it’s essential for them to be wound correctly to keep tension (ergo) stitches even throughout the seam. I just found this link, which may help you find your machine’s manual with directions for bobbin winding, stitches, tension, etc.

    Once you get the hang of it, I think you’ll find it’s a great hobby!

  4. Ah, it’s so freakin’ cute! I have a sewing machine – two actually. My mom gave me one when I graduated college, which I used to make these hideous yet functional curtains for my first place and countless Christmas gifts. The other is a bit nicer, and I got it when she kicked it. (I should use a better word, I know.) I learned on my grandma’s cast iron hide-away machine, and I’m pretty sure I could figure out the bobbin. I’ve also claimed dibs on it when she’s meeting St. Peter.

  5. I don’t sew, but I think it is great you are trying! My fave coworked and sis got in to sewing last year, and I got a few things out of it. Hee hee hee 🙂

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