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foot fetish

Leo’s got a big foot fetish right now.  He thinks feet are very interesting and also hysterical.  He wants to grab feet.  He wants to be tickled with your feet.  He wants you to tap your foot onto his foot.  If you’re sitting, he’ll run up, grab your foot, and try to rub it on his belly.  He hates getting dressed except for putting on socks.  He loves that.  On the changing table he’ll put his foot up in your face, wanting you to pretend to bite it.  Basically, he just wants feet all the time.  A little strange?  Maybe.  But we get the best giggles out of him when he’s foot-tickled!


4 thoughts on “foot fetish

  1. Ha ha ha! Too funny! The foot must have the right amount of pressure for the tickles?!

    Leo! I hope you are awake when I get there on Friday 🙂 🙂 🙂 (well, I hope I get there before your bedtime 🙂 )

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