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October run total: 104.3 miles.  My favorite miles were definitely those logged in Arizona, although the half marathon last weekend was pretty great, too!  Definitely a lower mileage month for me – I hope to boost it back up here in November.  Last year I started the 100 days of running in November.  Not sure I’ll repeat that again this year, but I might do an end of the year challenge to get me going.  Any ideas?

Two treadmill workouts I did this week:

Workout 1:

  • 1/2 mile run, fast
  • 10 push-ups
  • 20 sit-ups
  • 30 second plank
  • repeat to at least 3 miles

In the future I’ll probably add a mile warm-up and cooldown to this for a little extra mileage.  I didn’t particularly feel like running and this kept it interesting enough with all the breaks on and off.

Workout 2:

  • 1/2 mile 6.0 (warm-up)
  • 1/2 mile 7.0
  • 1/2 mile 6.5

repeat between 7 and 6.5 every half mile for as long as you like

I love this one because just when I start to get bored with a certain speed, it changes.  I did 4.3 miles before Leo woke up and cut the run short.  It’s also a good one for getting me used to holding quicker paces than I normally do.

What are some of your favorite treadmill workouts?


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  1. I cannot believe it’s been a year since the challenge! I need a good challenge for the end of the year too. I am not going to meet many of my goals this year, like a 200 mile month. I just want to get over last year’s mileage. Ha.

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