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Dave and Leo and I made a trip to Goodwill last night.  We were dropping off some items and also looking for a few things for house projects – picture frames, an old tv tray – neither of which we had success with.  We did, however, find winter boots for Leo for $3!  He fussed getting them on and wasn’t so sure about them at first – he needed to hold our hands to walk until he got his bearings.  But then!  So proud!  So pleased!  He spent the last minutes before bedtime stomping all around the kitchen, grinning, so happy and proud he would stop to bury his head in our laps before jumping up to walk around again.


5 thoughts on “boots

  1. Oh, goodness! He looks so tall. And the belly 🙂 I put Miles in his snow boots for our stroller run, and he ended up at daycare with them on. I took him off afterward and he kept trying to put them on until we left home. I’m not sure what it is about boots but those crazy kids love ’em!

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