happy halloween!

Did you dress up as a kid?  I sure did!

Age 6:

Age 8:

Age 9:

Age 10:

We plan on dressing Leo up in the future, too, but we didn’t this year.  We thought about it and even brainstormed some costumes, but we didn’t really know where we would go with him dressed up, as he seemed too little to take around the neighborhood (we would either be holding him and collecting candy for him or fielding him from stepping on and off the curb – his favorite thing – while trick or treating happened).  We’re going to wait til next year and hopefully he can help us pick what he wants to be and enjoy it more himself!

I vividly remember each of these costumes.  When I was 7 I went as a bride – my mom let me wear one of her slips and her wedding veil.  I remember feeling so special!  I also was a gypsy one year (I really dug the red lipstick I got to wear).

What were some of your favorite costumes?


6 thoughts on “happy halloween!

  1. We have similarities in our costumes! I was a table once. My head was the centerpiece with a hat full of flowers and the table was completely set with plates, cups, silverware, etc. I was also a lamp. The lampshade on my head even lit up!

  2. OMG! You have the best costumes! You were so cute! And very creative! Were all of those homemade?

    I think I was a cat 90% of the time. Ha!

  3. Hahahaha – Joel started looking at this and said ‘I’ve seen these before’ – we don’t remember when, but loved looking at them again!
    I was a baby one year…a cat (probably multiple years) and a few years ago Joel was a pimp and I was a greek goddess, then 2 years ago He was Jim and I was Pam – we ROCKED at that. And for our most recent couples dress up party he was Zach Morris and I was Kelly Kapowski 🙂

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