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the rest of the weekend

After the half marathon on Saturday I came home and showered and then chilled out while Leo napped and Dave raked leaves (see what I did there?  I ran in the morning and then somehow got out of leaf-raking.).  At 4 our friends picked up Leo and Dave and I got away for a date!  Not just any date, a running date.  We’ve been anxious to have a running date for a few months now, but it never worked out – either the weather (too hot) or the timing (too tired) or something else (no babysitter).  So even though I had run that morning, I jumped at the chance to run with Dave!

We did a 5K course through the woods then ran to the South Side Soda Shop, where we grabbed dinner together.  We started with homemade spiral cut fries.  Completely amazing.  I didn’t have time for pictures – those babies needed salt and to

I had the hummus/pesto plate and Dave had chicken noodle soup.  We cleaned our plates/bowls.

At home we made banana pb ice cream and stuck it in the freezer.  At 6:45 Leo was dropped off and we got him ready for bed and down for the night.  Then we watched a movie and ate our ice cream!

Sunday morning I left for Ohio to pick up some furniture from my grandma’s apartment.  Grandma has Alzheimer’s and is moving in to my aunt’s house.  My parents and aunts and uncles have been busy getting things sorted, divided up, and cleaned out (trust me, it’s a lot of work.  Grandma kept a lot of stuff.).  My sister Kelly also came on Sunday, so it was really good to see her, too (and her baby belly).  We loaded up our cars, helped pack up some remaining items in the apartment, and got to enjoy lunch with grandma and my aunt.  Then it was home again!

I love having a things in the house with a story and family tradition, from the cubbyhole desk in the front hall to the old salt and pepper shakers on the dining room table to a book with my grandma’s maiden name written in it!


7 thoughts on “the rest of the weekend

  1. change and occasional spare bills. and then use it to treat yourself to coffee or ice cream or something crazy at the farmers’ market from time to time.

  2. That desk is so neat!

    How is your family doing with your Grandma? How bad is her Alzheimer’s? Sorry to be nosy. My Grandpa had a form of dementia, and it’s just so hard to see them change and forget you.

    Love the pics from your date!!!

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