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a day in the life: 14 months

At 14 months, here’s 14 ways you’re growing up:

1) You have two molars now.  Big stuff!

2) When you get especially happy or excited you shuffle your feet in a happy dance and/or bury your face in our laps.  It is precious.

3) Dave told me the other day that he realized you’re one of his favorite people to hang out with.  And it’s true for both of us.  You’re no longer a baby.  You’re a little person with thoughts and opinions and ideas and games all your own.  Sure, sometimes you’re a grump and you’re stubborn and you only want things one way (your way), but I’m 100% certain I am just like that, too, sometimes (maybe even more than you, sadly).  Also, thumbs up (since you can do that now) to your dad for being so amazing and sweet.

4) You know what “no” means and have gotten much better at obeying it.  However, we’ve had to up the discipline in certain areas and you are never pleased about it.

5) After months of baths being you standing ankle-deep in water, you’re finally sitting for baths.  You’re excellent at splashing but especially love lining your bath toys up on the edge of the tub and having us flick them off into the water.

6) This:

We love tickle-fights with you!  A couple times a week we all pile on to our bed and throw you around on the pillows and tickle you and you scramble around and laugh your little head off.  It’s one of our favorite things!

7) You’re too big for stroller runs.  I don’t mean too heavy, although at almost 27 pounds the stroller certainly isn’t as light as it once was.  No, you’ve lost your endurance for sitting still while we run.  I can hardly blame you.  Now that you’re so great at running around on your own, you definitely don’t want to sit still and let me do all the running!  You do love when we go to the park or any other place where you have open space to run (Sam’s Club included!).

8) You’re constantly babbling now.  We love your different noises and we adore your voice.  We are anxious to hear your first words, but are also loving listening to you speak this language all your own.

9) While you don’t have a full head of hair quite yet, it’s getting thicker.  It stands in fluffy tufts after naps and it curls at the nape of your neck when you get sweaty, which is often.  You play like you mean it.

10) Look. at. that. BELLY!

11) You love to be a big boy – giving us a drink of water from your cup, stepping on or off the curb by yourself, stacking things extra high, trying a spoon, finding a new way to make noise (right now you’re tapping a wooden block on the radiator and grinning like a crazyman), opening and closing doors.  You get so proud!

12) You’re still taking 2 naps a day but we can see you getting closer to just 1.  For a few days we tried 1 nap a day but it didn’t seem like you were ready for it, so we gave it up (we were kind of happy to keep the 2 naps, honestly).  Right now you nap at 10am for about an hour (no more!) and then again at 2ish for 1.5-2 hours.  You sometimes fight naps, but not very much.  You think you’re cool because you can reach the doorknob when you stand in your crib, so you like to rattle that to get our attention.  You go to bed at 7:30pm (and 99% of the time go down without a fuss at all!) and try as hard as we might, you will not sleep in!  Generally you wake up around 5am or 5:30am, although you stay in your crib until 6am (we check on you if you’re really hollering, but generally you talk, fuss on and off, and snooze on and off).  Very rarely you’ll sleep til 6:30am.

13) You eat like a horse.  I’m not kidding.  You daily floor your dad and I with how much you’ll eat!  A whole tortilla with peanut butter?  No problem.  You’ll take it with a glass of milk… and a giant bowl of applesauce not too long after.  You put down an adult-size portion of pasta without blinking an eye.  And you rarely turn your nose up at anything.  Lentils?  Awesome.  Stir fry veggies?  Bring ’em on.  Any soup combinations?  Great.  You make it easy!  Your favorite foods are cheese, pancakes, carrot muffins, applesauce (or just about any fruit), and noodles.  Those are always winners!

14) You’re drinking organic whole milk.  We tried some different milk options, seeing as your dad and I feel much better when we’re not eating much dairy.  But you weren’t a fan of any of them – almond, rice, goat.  So you’re on organic whole milk and you love it, which makes us happy.  We do cup in the morning with breakfast and a cup in the evening before bed.  In between you have water, although sometimes you’ll have some milk at lunch and dinner (especially if you were distracted and didn’t eat as much as normal).

You are so much fun, Leo Gus.  You’re a little boy  now and we love hanging out with you and learning more about who you are.  We are so grateful to have you in our family!


4 thoughts on “a day in the life: 14 months

  1. Oh my goodness….we called it “Happy Feet” too….and have a video of Madison and me in our kitchen 16 years ago doing Leo’s “Happy Feet” dance!! Leo is following in her “footsteps” so he’s destined for greatness!! 🙂 Thanks for bringing back such happy memories Kim (and Leo!)

  2. This is so sweet! My baby boy is only 5 weeks old and it is so exciting to think about how he will grow into his own little person, just like your Leo. Little boys are so much fun!

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