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stroller running fail

Remember how Leo and I used to go on magnificently long stroller runs?  We ran a half marathon together.  We were gone almost every morning for 1 or 2 hours.  He played happily, looked at cars, munched on cheerios.  He got mad if we didn’t go running.  But the last month we’ve barely gone on any stroller runs, mainly because the weather has gotten a lot colder.  Apparently in that one month Leo lost all his stroller run endurance.  He made it 3.5 miles yesterday morning – thirty odd minutes – before he broke down.  I ended up having to call Dave to come pick up Leo and the stroller, then ran the rest of the way home solo.

To be fair, I can hardly blame Leo.  Now that he’s running everywhere I can totally understand that he wants to be moving and running, too, not just sitting.  Still, it makes me a little sad.  I have love love loved all our miles together and was hopeful they would continue next spring, too (and maybe they still can).  But for now, short runs and walks only.

We hung out with friends and their 11 month old daughter last night.  It was really fun to watch them play together!

Leo chatted us up on the way there:

Leo and Ella rocked out on the music table.

Later, Kelsey broke out the pumpkin cookies and found herself with two baby birds crowding for a bite.

See that step stool in the background?  I think Leo stepped on and off it (with a hand for balance) close to fifty times.  Boy loves to step.

We got home just before Leo’s bedtime and gave him some applesauce and milk and then put him down.  He was wiped out from all the playing and so tired he didn’t even fight the diaper change or pajamas.  I think he was grateful to get ready for bed!


3 thoughts on “stroller running fail

  1. Oh, that stinker! I definitely worry about Miles losing his stroller endurance but every time we’ve had issues, it’s turned out to be just a phase. I think that little ones are more like us and sometimes aren’t in the mood to run. I’ve burned a few CDs to iTunes so I can bring my phone and play Elmo if it gets bad or I’ll sing our own (very bad) version of “Wheels on the Bus” – “Wheels on the BOB.” No worries. Soon enough we’ll be able to bribe them with Cheddar Bunnies! Keep it up the good work, pretty lady.

  2. Aww, man! I was just thinking about you yesterday during my run and was going to ask if you snuck in any stroller runs with Leo. Sniff sniff, so sad that he is not as in to it anymore.

    Pumpkin cookies… want!!!

  3. Like Kimberly mentioned – it may just be a phase! Mylin had some BAD phases in the stroller…now she is quite pleasant for a about an hour – but then, yes, they do desire to be out and moving too! We still use food – raisens, blueberries, grapes, apple slices – something that may take awhile to gobble, but is nutritious for a morning snack…and we bring along just a few toys (hello fun throwing and mommy fetching game…) like books or a doll or something to bang against the stroller table thing. I bet he’ll be back to loving it come Spring – if not sooner!

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