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The first two weeks of October were kind of crazy over here.  In a ten day period I was gone for six days for work at two different conferences, one in Tuscon, one in Chicago.  I gave one speech and two presentations, which is three times more public speaking than I am generally comfortable with.  It was whirlwind.  It was stressful.  It was a lot of scrambling.  It was fun to get away.  It was hard to leave.  It was awesome to come home.

This weekend was a mix of catch up and relaxing.  We hung some pictures.  We brainstormed other house ideas.  I did laundry.  We made a giant batch of laundry detergent (Dave risked his knuckles and grated three bars of Fels-Naptha soap for me.  Hero.).  Bathrooms were cleaned, toys picked up, toys scattered, toys picked up.  A little boy fought a nap, ran around, fussed, laughed, slept, learned thumbs up, and popped another molar (one on top, one on bottom now).  We went for a family run.  We took a walk.  We had a date.  I gave Dave a haircut.  We made waffles (note: don’t eat waffles before the family run.  Oooof).  I made the bed for the fourth morning in a row (somebody get me a sticker).  I read a book in a day (it hit me hard and straightened me out a bit).  I drank more coffee than I should have.  I made a most terrible dinner, then tried to fix it and made it only slightly more passable.  I came back from defeat with split pea soup and a most fantastic cornbread.

Pictures hung over the kitchen desk:

New daffodil picture on the desk made by my cousin Caroline.  Isn’t it beautiful?  She’s 13!  So talented!

New centerpiece on the dining room table (plus new free space in a drawer!):

Oh, and Leo got a new present from the Chicago trip – a giant Mr. Carrot!

It is good to be home.  It is even better to look ahead at the weeks and not see any travel or trips, to have the calendar quiet before us, at least for now.

How was your weekend?


7 thoughts on “pieces and parts

  1. next time can dave grate 6 bars of fels-naptha and send three to me. i have a gnarly scar on my thumb from the last time i grated soap. and now i’m a bit scared.

  2. Kim, I just realized I have two more conferences for you to do this month. You have to give 4 presentations and moderate 6 sessions… glad you are up to it.

  3. Aww! I love that video! From where is the Giant Carrot? I wish I could have seen you in Chicago. Maybe in a few weeks. So happy you are home now! 🙂

    Sometimes, giving presentations makes me really nervous for some reason. Ugh. I dread it!

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