house tour, part 5

Here’s Dave and I’s bedroom.  There are two entrances to our bedroom – from the family room (yet to be shown) and from the hallway.  The upstairs, like the downstairs, goes in a big circle.  To the left is the door to the family room.  To the right our closet and behind is the hallway.

The view from the other direction (family room door open to the right, in front of the bookcase, hallway to the left of the bookcase):

The blinds over the windows were there when we moved in (I’ve since washed them), but I’m excited because sometime soon we’re going to have curtains!  My sister gifted me with one set of curtains and some extra fabric.  At Thanksgiving we’re ganging up on my mom and asking her to take the fabric and make a matching curtain set.  (Mom, hear that?  Sewing project!!!  I know you’re excited.)

It’s a pale blue with brown lines weaving through.  I like the simplicity but think it will give a nice bit of color and pattern to the room.

Just outside our bedroom is the bathroom:

This is our only full bath in the house.  It’s small, but the cupboard behind the shower is pretty deep, goes floor to ceiling, and can hold a lot.

The medicine cabinet also opens, so I feel like we have storage options.  And we also have this built-in in the hallway outside the bathroom which holds sheets and towels and other miscellaneous items (sleeping bags, extra toilet paper and tissues, afghans and quilts and comforters).

Next up: the family room!

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4 thoughts on “house tour, part 5

  1. I love the wooden closets. So cool!

    So does Leo take a bath in your bathroom now? He’s too big for the sink, right? (Please ignore my baby ignorance! 😉 )

  2. I am seriously in love with your house. It has so many great features of an old home and beautiful woodwork. We looked at a lot of houses with such features but got outbid on the best of the batch.

    Oh, and I agree we need to get together sometime and let the boys have at it. Miles has been practicing his soccer skills so he can keep up with Leo!

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