mall rats (guest blog by Dave)


Today Leo and I went to the mall. Kim got a break, he got to run around and have fun, and I got to enjoy watching him explore. All in all, we had a blast.

A few highlights:
1. Watching Leo stop mid-run and give huge smiles to complete strangers – I’m pretty sure he made some people’s day, especially the old man who reminded me of the guy from Up. Who wouldn’t love that face?

2. Exercise – Leo thought it was awesome to jog around the big open space, climb stairs on repeat, and run up and down this incline for a good 10 minutes straight. “Gotta train for ‘Lympics, Dad!”

3. Meeting the mannequin – Leo had his first encounter with the creepy things known as mannequins while in J.C. Penney. He wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. He didn’t want to get too close. He didn’t want to touch it (although I let him know it wasn’t real). And truth be told, he was probably right. They are weird.


I think we’ll definitely have to do it again! He loves to explore and interact with people, and the mall is a great place for that, especially as it gets colder outside.

Do you like going to the mall? Do you think mannequins are a little creepy too?


3 thoughts on “mall rats (guest blog by Dave)

  1. “Come on guys, you’ve got to run down hills!”

    We don’t go to the mall much, and I never really gave the mannequins a lot of thought, but that faceless one is a little like something out of a weird sci-fi horror movie. Good call giving it a wide berth.

  2. I can totally relate to Dave’s post about the mall being a good place for toddlers to explore. I am not one who likes to go the mall much myself, but I can remember escaping there with toddler Amelia on super hot or rainy summer days for a safe place for her to walk around and expend energy. Things like fountains and ramps were super fun back then.

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