house tour, part 4

We’re headed down the hall to the guest room!  (Go here for a picture of this room before we painted – it had a huge tree decal on the wall.)

Leo snuck in to the picture!

The bed leaning to the right is an antique rope bed from when I was a little girl.  And this picture was motivation enough for Dave and I to move the bed out and get it set up in Leo’s room (pictures of that at the end of the post)!  It actually didn’t take very long (I expected it to take quite a long time with weaving the rope).

Out the door there is the balcony:

We sometimes eat out here during the summer and I managed to sneak in some time with coffee and a book on a couple Saturday mornings (heaven).  I saw a picture on pinterest of a curly slide going from the balcony into the backyard.  How fun would that be?!?

So, back to Leo’s room and the new bed:

The bed is a little bigger than the mattress/box spring that was there before, so things had to get scooted to the left, which bumped the chair out of the room.  Since I’m no longer nursing Leo the chair wasn’t getting too much use anyhow.  We can just as easily read to Leo on the bed or the floor, although most reading time takes place outside of his room.  So the chair moved over to the guest room!

We’re really happy to have a chair in the room now.  It definitely makes it feel more welcoming and takes up the space in the corner.  So aside from wall hangings, the guest room and Leo’s room are officially complete.  Well, at least for now.

Next up: our room and the bathroom!

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