come fly with me

I’m flying out to Tucson, Arizona today for a work conference.  I’m both halfway excited (new place, warm weather, staying at a resort, rooming with my roommate from college) and nervous.  It’s my first time away from Leo since I got snow-stranded last November and had to spend the night away from home.  I know Dave will do great.  All the same, I’ve washed every last bit of clothing and put so much food in the fridge that Dave said it’s a little stressful to look in there.  I’ve got notes taped on cabinets and fridge doors.  I’ve got notes in google calendar.  Dave has graciously listened to me ramble the last 3 days about every conceivable detail regarding Leo (90% of which he already knows).  All of this, honestly, is more for me than for Dave, so I can leave with peace of mind.  Dave has always been amazing with Leo – patient, intuitive, hands-on.  They’ll have an amazing couple of boys-only days together!

Our team at work won an award, too.  I’ll be giving an acceptance speech on Friday for it.  And we’re sitting at the VIP table.  High rollers!  (Let’s hope next week doesn’t include a blog post of “how I completely flubbed a public speech.”)

See you in Tuscon!  (I’ve got this picture as the background on my phone so I can stare at those cheeks whenever I want.)


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  1. Oh my gosh, the weather here is still so warm! Phoenix is about one hundred today. Enjoy the trip. There are tons of fun things to do in Tucson. Lots of hiking if you are into that.

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