entryway additions

We added a few things to the entryway since I showed it in the house tour.  First, a bookshelf we had repurposed into a place to corral our shoes:

The fabric bin on top holds Leo’s hat, mittens, and an umbrella.

An on the back of the closet door:

I first saw this idea on pinterest – using baskets on the backs of doors for storage.  My sister, Jill, suggested finding hanging baskets for cheap and using those.  It was a great idea and I picked up these two plant baskets in the Walmart garden clearance section for a great price.  Dave screwed them in and – hooray! – easy to grab hats, scarves, and gloves.  Previously all of that had been tossed in a basket on the floor of the closet, behind the sweeper.  Not exactly convenient!  The top basket is for Dave and the bottom basket is mine.  The scroll detail on the basket even allowed me a hook to hang a bag!

Have you done any house storage updates lately?