saying goodbye

Sad news over here: on Saturday we said goodbye to Badger.  Unfortunately, things were not working out with Badger, even though we tried really hard to make it work.  In the weeks that we’ve had him, Dave and I have spent more time cleaning up kitty accidents than we care to count.  For whatever reason, Badger all but refused to poop in the litterbox.  We tried everything we could think of (and just about every thing we read online): checked by the vet (healthy, no worms), different types of litter, multiple boxes, boxes in different locations throughout the house, different food, penning him up with the litterbox, watching him like a hawk and putting him in the box regularly, giving him treats after he used the box… nothing worked.

In the end, we knew it wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle for us (we lived with all the doors closed so Badger couldn’t get in and poop), it wasn’t safe for Leo (walking around and curious), and it was maddening for Dave and I (and not great for our carpets, either).  We put an ad on Craigslist but only got 2 interests and neither worked out.  We did some more research and found that our Humane Society works really hard to get animals adopted and also has a policy not to put down pets.  So on Saturday morning we said goodbye to Badger (I actually prayed he would find a new home where he could be happy and use the litterbox).

We’ll definitely miss him.  He was loving and snuggly.  He was really good with Leo and Leo clearly loved to play with him.  And Mosie and Badger had fun wrestling together, too.  But we are confident that we made the best decision in a hard situation and we’re hopeful that Badger will be adopted and have a great new home!


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  1. I’m sure you guys are sad, but you did the best thing for Badger and your family. That’s what being responsible pet parents is all about. Hope he finds a good home soon!

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