house tour, part 3

We’re heading upstairs on the house tour!  Here’s the top of the stairs:

The wall above the bookshelf is crying out for something to be hung there, but so goes the rest of our house.  We used to actually have books on the shelf but Leo loved to pull them off and we got tired of reshelving.  We ended up moving the books to another room and put out a few toys here.  Leo loves to play on the landing – the wooden stacking rings on the bottom of the shelf (from IKEA) are his absolute favorite.  He stacks and restacks those rings, carries them around, throws them down the stairs, moves them from windowsill to chair to floor and back.  There are two small bins with a few other toys – easy to toss in for cleanup – and a few of his favorite books and library books.

To the left of the bookshelf is the door to Leo’s room:

Leo’s room is probably my favorite bedroom of the house, and also the most finished.

Behind the door is a small toy chest, a few toys, hooks for his bath towel, and a radio/CD player from my high school days.  Leo thinks he’s big stuff because he’s figured out how to turn on the music.

I had planned on showing the guest room in this tour, too, but the bed isn’t made and it’s kind of a disaster, so it will have to be part of the next one!

What is your favorite room in your house?

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3 thoughts on “house tour, part 3

  1. Leo’s room is so nice! I love that he has two windows! Is that other door to his closet?

    Hmm. My favorite room… probably our office. It’s really big and open. Our whole house is kind of unorganized right now though. I need to work on that!

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