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hello, old friend

It’s baaaack:

During the spring/summer we fold the treadmill up in the corner and rearrange the furniture.  But mornings have gotten significantly cooler lately and it’s stayed dark longer.  I don’t mind running in the dark on my own, but I don’t feel quite as good about it with the stroller.  And while I’m okay running when it’s in the 30s or 40s, we’re not sure about taking Leo out for an hour long run in that (especially since he’s just sitting and getting wind as we move and there’s no warm sun).  So for right now we’re switching up the morning routine a bit.

The plan is for me to get up at 4:30am, get my coffee and change clothes, then jump on the treadmill at 5am.  I’ll run for an hour or so until Leo gets up at 6, then hang out with him.  Some mornings I might run outside from 5-6am.  And if the weather is cooperative, I’ll wait and take Leo out for a morning run.  I might also do some lunchtime runs with Leo to soak up the fall weather (my favorite).  (So basically the plan is to have a plan but also to not have a plan depending on weather.  And also the plan is subject to change – soon – because we are working on moving Leo’s bedtime later so that he’ll sleep later as well.)

I’ve been watching episodes of Friends while I run (thank you, Steph, for loaning me the last 4 seasons!) and trying to get my running mojo back.  I took off most of last week to give my legs a chance to recover from the marathon – my quads were really tight for 4 days – and it generally takes me a bit to find my rhythm on the treadmill.  Right now I can’t believe I did 15 miles on that sucker in the spring.  Yesterday I did 5.25 miles by walking .25 miles, then running .75 and repeating.  It was a good way to break it up but still get in some miles.  Generally I do a lot of speedwork and hills on the treadmill, mainly because I need to change it up a lot to stay entertained.  And tv shows and movies are hugely helpful.  I’ll be looking for recommendations once I finish up Friends.

What are your favorite treadmill workouts?


5 thoughts on “hello, old friend

  1. Yikes – 4:30! Every morning? You are truly dedicated. I am up normally by 5:30, sometimes earlier, and that still seems like so many hours before the rest of the world awakens. I am like you in changing it up on the treadmill to keep it exciting. Lately I’ve been doing some version of yassos, but only two or three or rounds (half mile 7.0, half mile 7.8 or 8.0), but on the last one I’ll work in a ladder downward. Working from 8.0 down decreasing by .10 every tenth or fifth of a mile, depending on my mood. That isn’t as long of a treadmill run as you like, but those 4-5 miles are pretty speedy. I’ve also been setting the incline to .80 or 1.0 as I read somewhere that is closer to the slope while running outside.

  2. I didn’t even think about the fact that the darkness and cold weather would cut out of your running time with Leo! Bummer!

    How does it work to push back his bedtime to get him to sleep in? Are kids pretty adjustable to that? 🙂

    I like speedwork on the treadmill. Makes it go by faster, just like it does outside!

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