a day in the life: 13 months

It’s been a rough month for Leo since his first birthday.  He’s been sick or not feeling well for the majority of the time, sadly. He had a cold on his birthday.  A week later he got the MMR shot, which left him cranky all week and eventually turned in to a head-to-toe rash, fever, ear infection, and cold.  On the heels of that, he came down with a terrible diaper rash this past weekend while we were in Pennsylvania.  It is by far the worst diaper rash I have ever seen and it came out of nowhere overnight.  We’ve been using off-brand Maximum Strength Desitin with 40% zinc oxide and it took a few days, but it cleared up (we also used disposable diapers during that time since the cod oil can cause repellant issues in cloth diapers).  Here’s hoping for some non-sick months to come!

Here’s our current routine:

6am: wake up.  If Leo sleeps longer, that’s great.  If he wakes up before 6, we go in and tell him “time to sleep, Leo” and go out.  He’s in the crib til 6.  Most mornings he sleeps til 6 or 6:30.  Sometimes he gets up at 5 and then we check on him periodically but leave him to fuss it out in his crib until 6.  We’re working on establishing that we determine when he gets out of bed (he has stuffed animals and a cloth book in his crib with him).  (Naturally this rule got bent when he was sick.)

Once he’s up he has some formula, but he generally only drinks 2 ounces before he’s not interested.  Then he’ll have a bit of breakfast – a muffin, a peanut butter tortilla, or the like.  If it’s nice out, we’ll go for a run.  If it’s not, we stay in and play.  Favorite games right now are stacking blocks, looking at books, throwing balls down the stairs, shaking rattles/bells/maracas, throwing his big blue ball and chasing it, and wrestling with us.  A little later on in the morning he has some more breakfast, which is typically a green smoothie.

10am: down for his nap.  We’ve been putting a cloth book in the crib with him and he typically looks at the book for about 20 minutes (quietly), and then goes to sleep.

11am: wake up.  If we let Leo sleep longer, he doesn’t nap in the afternoon.  Eventually we’ll drop this morning nap completely, but right now he’s really cranky if he doesn’t get a little bit of sleep.

Once he’s up he plays for a little, then we do lunch.  Lunch is often whatever we’re having – leftovers, typically.  There’s almost nothing Leo will reject, especially if he sees us eating it (last night he ate more edamame than he did noodles) and I am constantly amazed at how much he’ll eat.  We’re talking adult portion sizes here.  Boy can put food down.  After lunch we’ll spend some time wrestling and/or reading books.

1pm: snack time.  Generally cheerios and some water or rice milk.  Sometimes fruit or something more filling, especially if he ate a light lunch.

2pm: down for his nap.  Same routine as above, with the cloth book.

4-4:30pm: Leo wakes up.  We don’t wake him up from his afternoon nap.  Once he falls asleep he sleeps for 1.5-2 hours.  Sometimes longer, but not often.

5pm: Dinner.  Again, Leo eats what we eat!

After dinner we spend some time as a family.  We take walks, go to the park, or stay home and play together (a lot of chasing and wrestling).  A bath might be thrown in there, too.

6:30pm: bedtime.  We give Leo some milk (again, he tends to shove it away after 2 ounces), brush his teeth with water, read from the Children’s Bible, and put him down to bed.  It’s really rare that he’ll fuss after he’s down for the night, but sometimes (maybe once a week or less?) we’ll have to go in a time or two to get him settled.

New things: clapping and babbling (lots of da-de, although not specifically applied to Dave).  He definitely understands more of what we say – more, breakfast, food, lunch, come here, get them!, drink, etc., and laughs when we laugh.  He loves the kitties and cars.  His current favorite book is “10 in the Bed.”  So far Leo only has 2 teeth on the bottom but now has 4 on top.

Dislikes: diaper changes (singing helps immensely), getting dressed, if he can’t get things to stack just the way he wants them, when Dave leaves (once Dave is gone it’s fine, but the leaving process is painful), when things are “all done” or “all gone”, having his face and hands wiped.

Likes: walking and exploring on his own, music and singing, reading books (with us or on his own), watching/being around other kids, drinking from a cup on his own, splashing water in the tub, stepping up and down, things that rattle or make a lot of noise, stacking stacking stacking, manhandling Badger, kicking balls, walking backwards.

We do sometimes put pants on the kid, promise.

More and more we see how Leo is a little boy now instead of a baby.  He has opinions and ideas.  We’re seeing more of his personality (focused, exploratory, loves people, likes to be silly, detail-oriented, determined, busy).  I thought I would really miss the snuggly, sleepy newborn phase but I LOVE this stage we’re in.  I love how he holds on to my wrists when I read him a book.  How his legs dangle when I hold him.  How he kneads our skin with his fists when he’s feeling anxious or sad.  His open-mouthed lick-kisses.  The way he plays so quietly and sweetly on his own.  Watching him figure something new out.  His big smiles and his giggles and his round little belly.  How his hair stands up on the back of his head after a nap.  Snuggles.  Listening to his voice.  Holding hands with him as he walks.

It just keeps getting better.


4 thoughts on “a day in the life: 13 months

  1. What a tough month for Leo (+mom)! I hope things are getting better and everyone is feeling well. Leo is absolutely adorable – pants or no pants – and it’s so amazing how big he’s getting. I also have to agree that I like this stage much better, even if it’s physically more challenging (for me at least). So rewarding to see them grow and develop!

  2. I can remember the joy of early morning feeds. My youngest used to wake up at 4.45am without fail. As that was only one hour and 15 mins before i would have had to get up for work i would do the early morning feed. So it was a bottle of milk and Looney Tunes at 5am. 8 years later we still watch Wylie Coyote getting smashed to hell on Cartoon Network in the morning (although now its more like 9am than 5am)

  3. In 5 months you’ll be able to count his words still, but in like 7 months…it’ll be impossible! Can you believe that baby is a boy now?! What a great blessing

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