house tour, part 2

Welcome to the kitchen!

View from the entryway:

Laundry room to the back left and door to the mudroom/garage/backyard straight ahead.  Dining room to the right.

From the dining room:

Bathroom to the left of the desk.

I expected to get more use out of this desk nook.  Truth: I barely ever actually sit at the desk.  Still, it’s great for post-it notes and pens, for keys and mail.

Truth: we have gads of cabinets and sometimes I still want more.

Truth: I love this brick wall.

(Truth: that’s a terrible picture that does no justice to said brick wall.)

And off the kitchen, a tiny purple bathroom with a tiny corner sink.  While we’re telling truths, Truth: I would never paint a bathroom purple but I’m so glad the previous owners did.  I love it!

Next: upstairs to Leo’s bedroom and the guest bedroom.

What’s the craziest color you’ve ever painted a room (or wall)?

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4 thoughts on “house tour, part 2

  1. The previous owners had our kitchen painted grass green – GORGEOUS! But in their attempt to please possible buyers…they painted over it with tan (you know this already). I would LOVE a bright room…but, won’t buy the paint to redo it when it is lovely the way it is 🙂 Sigh…

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