Roadtrip Revelations

1. I did a terrible job shaving my legs this morning.
2. 13 month olds do not want to nap when they can clearly see the backside of your head.  (They will eventually succumb.)


3. Packing a shopping bag full of popcorn is always a good idea. 


4. Too many fast food places fail to have changing tables. (I’m looking at you Burger King and you, Starbucks. Even you sometimes, McDonalds.)  Changing your kid on the front seat of the caf gets challenging once they’re toddler size.
5. Always be grateful for a husband who doesn’t mind driving…and who packs “roadtrip surprises” in the form of dark chocolate. He’s a keeper.
6. Some people are really patriotic and like to declare it all over their pickup truck via ugly decals.
7. Huge travel plazas are a Godsend for little walkers.


4 thoughts on “Roadtrip Revelations

  1. Yes. To all of these. I always feel like Super Mom when I have to change Miles on the floor of a gas station. Thank goodness for big back seats! Much luck this weekend at your marathon. I hope you enjoy the experience and have a nice run.

  2. We LOVE bringing popcorn for a snack too! When you come out here I will have to take you to this little popcorn shop that has lots of different flavors.

    I always help my NYC BFF change her son when they come and I am surprised at the places that don’t have tables either!

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