house tour, part 1

A couple people have asked me to do a house tour and I kept forgetting… or the house was a disaster.  But I’m finally starting it!  Here we go!

I used the panaramic setting on the camera to get “whole view” of the room, but it’s a little blurry and does make the rooms seem bigger than they really are.

The entryway from the front door:

The piano is a more recent addition.  It was my mom’s piano that she got for her 16th birthday.  Unfortunately, in the move from Tennessee to here the legs got a little injured, so it sits cock-eyed.  We’re looking at a few places around here that can fix it.

And the living room to the immediate right of the entryway.  There are pocket doors in both doorways of the living room, which we love!

We’ve tried to keep Leo’s toys mostly put away, but some are out right now.  We have a closet off the dining room that would, ideally, be used for Leo’s toys, but we need to clean it out in order for it to function that way.  He also has a basket in the table under the window that has some of his toys.

The fireplace is gas and come winter, we use it a lot, although I know this winter it probably won’t get used as much with Leo running around.

Through the living room is the dining room:

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms.  I love love love the leaded glass above the windows and the unique stained glass:

But the part that had me from the first:

Next up: the kitchen, half bath, and laundry room!


4 thoughts on “house tour, part 1

  1. KIM!!! the house tour is GREAT! Thanks for posting! I LOVE LOVE your house. It is so you. Can I come for a visit?! I think Leo and Gwen would be best friends! Thanks for letting us peak into your life…it is great fun!

  2. Piano?!?! What?! It has been too long since we’ve been there…because we’ve also missed out on seeing the saftely jail at the end of the stairs 🙂

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