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mmr FAIL

On August 26th, Leo got the MMR vaccine at his one year doctor appointment.  The doctor warned us that he could get a fever up to a week later.  Considering Leo’s rarely reacted to vaccinations (he had a slight fever at 3 months that only lasted a few hours), we weren’t really that concerned.  And then.

Leo was fussy all week – cranky, clingy, irrational.  Waking up early.  Fighting naps.  Unhappy when he was awake.  Dave and I wanted to know who hijacked our baby.  This was our life, everyday, at 4:45am:

(Seriously, Honest Toddler makes me laugh so hard.  Out loud.)

Then Monday Leo started coughing.  And his nose started running.  Tuesday afternoon he spiked a fever and his face broke out in a rash.  Wednesday his fever came out in the afternoon again, at 102, and the rash spread down to his back.  Thursday morning we called the doctor just to check in and were assured that yes, this was all normal MMR reaction.  The rash is likely related to the measles portion of the vaccine.  Fever is common.  Cold, too.  So we’re waiting it out, not knowing how each day will be.  The mornings are generally fine and pretty close to same old, same old.  Leo is happy.  He plays.  He wanders around.  He stacks blocks.  He destroys blocks.  He manhandles Badger.

The afternoons are a different story.  The fever rages.  Leo is uncomfortable, sad, clingy, and unhappy.  Naps are short.  He doesn’t want to play.  He doesn’t want to watch a movie.  A walk will help.  Maybe some snuggling (or just pushing away).  Bedtime has been early (6:30pm) and weepy.  Nighttime sleep, at least, was uninterrupted.  He’d go out, hard, until 6:45am.

But yesterday.  Oh, yesterday.  No fever, but the rash spread to his entire body.  He napped for two hot seconds.  He was generally pretty happy.  He ate well.  He screamed like a banshee for an hour and a half at bedtime.  And 10:3opm.  And 4:30am.  Inconsolable.  In a rage.  Hoarse from a sore throat and too much crying.  Exhausted but definitely not sleeping.

Looks like I’ll be phoning the doctor again this morning (we called yesterday morning and they said it was all normal reaction stuff and to call them Monday – MONDAY – if he wasn’t better).

To remind us of happier times, check out Leo’s newest tricks – kisses (or nose licks/bites):

Come Monday I’m finally going to have the start of a house tour up!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe the doctor thinks that all is a normal reaction. Sigh, I mean, I CAN believe it, but I cannot fathom it. Poor little thing! I hope he is better already!

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