common words and confessions

There’s some common phrases said around the house these days, most of them regarding Leo.  I thought it would be fun to recount them!

You wake the beast, you take the beast.  You wake Leo from a nap, you get to hang with the Fusser Gus.

Careful, there’s poo in there.  Sometimes dirty diapers stack up on the changing table until we have a moment to take care of them and then one of us will grab them.  But if the other one knows there have been dirty diapers, we offer fair warning to the handler.  Definitely one of those “never thought we’d say that” phrases!

Do you think he’s ready for a nap?  Always a valid question.  Most days it’s obvious and easy.  Other days it’s like Russian Roulette.  You put him down and he’s out OR you put him down, tick him off, and good luck getting him to take that nap at all.  Luckily the good days far outnumber the bad days.

Can I get you anything?  Dave is the best at asking this, all day, every day.  He’s always checking in to see if I need anything, surprising me with coffee, bring up a snack, etc.  Unfortunately, he says this way more than I do.

What shall we do with the boo-hoo baby? / Put him to bed said the duck.  Both are lines from the same book, The Boo-Hoo Baby.  We use them when Leo is being fussy or is extra tired.

And a few confessions:

  • I’ve gotten so used to going to the bathroom with the door open when I’m home (to keep an eye on Leo), that I’m afraid I’m creating a bad habit.  I’ve almost forgotten to close the door when I’m over at other people’s houses!  And yesterday I almost forgot to close the stall door at work.  Awkward.
  • I was all-decaf when I was pregnant and post-Leo.  I was so proud that I wasn’t caffeine-addicted anymore.  I now drink 2 cups in the morning.  And if I’m having my way, another cup of half-caf or full-caf in the afternoon.  There went that.
  • I floss religiously when I’m home, but if we’re staying someplace else, I take a flossing vacation.  Flossing away from home feel weird to me.
  • My mom was really good about cooking multiple dishes for dinner – a main dish and a side (a veggie) and maybe even another side (bread or applesauce or something).  I’m a one dish wonder.  For me to make a side dish as well as a main dish is pretty unlikely.  It’s not like it’s that much extra work… I just never think to do it, or have the desire?  Maybe side dishes aren’t just creative or fun enough.

Past confessions: part 1, part 2.

What are some common phrases said in your house?  Do you have any confessions?


4 thoughts on “common words and confessions

  1. I loved this post. I’m back on caffeine, now, too–thought I’d quit for good after being pregnant and nursing, but once again, morning caffeine is powering me through the day. Hope Leo is feeling better!

  2. Love it. We have a similar bathroom problem only Ella wants to keep an eye on me. She freaks out if I try to go to the bathroom without her.

    Most Common phrase: Good morning I love you – every morning Josh and I say it to eachother and Ella. It’s the best kind of way to start the day.

    Not so much on caffiene but sometimes I love when Ella is nursing for a really long time before bed so that I get out of dish duty. 🙂

    P.S. Hope Leo is feeling better!

  3. Oh my. Until this summer I was the same way with meals. I know what will change you like it did me…a 2 year old. Even though they eat what we eat – we always feed them healthy (or healthier) sides…that won’t always work once they notice you don’t all get the same things…so around here lately, we all get a couple veggies to eat before we get to enjoy our fruit 🙂 It’s good for all of us I guess!

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