feverish friend

We’ve got a sick little dude over here.  A week late Leo seems to be reacting to the MMR vaccine he got at his one year appointment.  It started with a cough and then  he got a runny nose.  By Monday night he was congested and woke up several times during the night.  Tuesday he added a fever to it all!  I managed to leave work a little early to come home and help Dave out.  I got Leo to eat a little dinner (cheese) and he rested  for fifteen minutes or so with me on the couch watching The Emperor’s New Groove.

The rest of the evening we read some books and generally just tried to keep Leo occupied and happy.  He’s got a nasty cough and so much phlegm you can hear it when he coughs and swallows.  At 7 I got him down to sleep and he passed out quickly.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be up again tonight with a cough and maybe more fever – it seemed to be down when he went to bed but I wouldn’t be surprised if it went back up.  Poor little friend!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re sick?  I always watched Cinderella when I was little.  If I get really sick now, I still like to watch it!


5 thoughts on “feverish friend

  1. I’m not usually much of a TV watcher, but when I am sick, I go through TV series on Netflix like crazy. This past weekend was one of those: watched a dozen or so episodes of Parenthood (such a good show)! Hope Leo feels better really soon.

  2. Poor Leo! I hope he feels better soon! Leo has a friend in Miles because we were feverish and sick yesterday. I blame teeth, which is what I always blame. We watched “Sesame Street” on Netflix and took a walk (mom needed out of the house).

  3. Poor little guy! Aww. It’s so sad when you hear a little baby coughing like that, because you know how painful it is!

    I like to nap, read or do puzzles when I am sick. And get pampered. Ha! (only in my imagination!)

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