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Indy women’s half marathon

I ran the Indy Women’s Half Marathon on Saturday.  I entertained thoughts of trying to PR for this race, but mostly just wanted to get sub-2 hours.  However, I didn’t really prepare for the race the way I normally do.  My friend, Emily, emailed me Friday asking what I was going to do if it rained and my response was, “It’s supposed to rain?”  I hadn’t checked the weather at all.  I assumed it would be 50s and cool, like it’s been every other morning for the past two weeks.  Instead, it was 75 degrees, so humid it felt like a wool sweater, and the race was red-flagged from the start!

I was most excited about the race because I was going to get to see Emily, my friend and roommate from freshman year of college.  I hadn’t seen Emily since I graduated from college (in 2006), so I was really looking forward to it!  Saturday morning I got up at 5am with cramps.  I took some Tylenol (it did nothing), drank coffee, got ready, and headed downtown.  Emily found me as I was walking in to the Hyatt to pick up my race bib, which was awesome because we were just hoping to be able to pick each other out!

We started the race together and within two miles I was a revising my “sub-2 hour” goals.  It was hot and muggy and I didn’t feel the best.  I didn’t pack any GU Chomps for this race, as the website said there would be “energy food” stations at two different locations.  Except there weren’t.  By mile 9 I was running out of juice and crampy.  Emily graciously walked with me when I needed it and really helped make the race enjoyable by keeping me company.  We walked and ran the last couple miles.  Somewhere in there we also got to see Kimberly, who said she wasn’t feeling too great either but was running really strong!  Emily and I made it to the finish where I promptly puked, which helped me feel better.  (I think eating Clif bars before a race has a similar puking effect on me as bananas.  Noted.)  Our final time was 2:14:22, except somehow my time is coming across a minute or so later.  I think my stopping to puke just after the finish line somehow messed up the timing?

As for the race, I’m not sure I’ll do it again.  The entry fee was great ($40, I think), but there were barely any spectators or course entertainment.  (However, two guys were holding up signs that said “Worst Parade Ever” and “I’m single and supportive.  Call me.” that were pretty hilarious.  And another random guy sat outside his apartment building reading off bib numbers and then this happened: “961, good job.  831, you got this.  1020, hey!  That’s my birfday!”)  The promised “energy food” never appeared.  And when I finished and was throwing up a woman kept calling to me to “keep moving, there’s trash cans down here.”  Uh… sorry, but I’m currently vomiting and can’t exactly walk 20 feet to your trash cans.  However, the medic guy who brought me a water bottle and a bath towel – he was awesome.

All that being said, I loved the race because I got to run with Emily and we spent 2 hours (and breakfast afterwards) catching up and hanging out.  It was awesome and so much fun.  We’re actually hoping to find another half marathon to do together soon!

After the race I had breakfast with Emily and her family – her husband and her two gorgeous little girls, Esme and Lola.  Leo and Dave were about 20 minutes from downtown and I had the car, so they weren’t able to join us.  And unfortunately we totally forgot to take a picture together, so I’m hoping that there will be a decent race photo of us (except when have I ever had a decent race photo where I didn’t look like I was running to my death?)

I was supposed to do 20 miles on Saturday, so after breakfast I reluctantly got ready to run a few more miles.  I’ll be honest – I was really not feeling it, but decided to go for it.  I did 3 more miles along the Canal Walk in downtown Indy, then decided to call it a day.  16 miles is maybe close to 20?  Probably not.

The rest of the weekend we spent hanging out with Dave’s sister, Melody, and her (new!) husband, Chris.  We hung out, cooked together, went running, and just had a great time catching up.

Going for a walk and getting caught in the rain:

Leo’s birthday present from Aunt Melody and Uncle Chris:

Reading books:

Modeling at Walmart and picking up diapers:

Finally holding his own cup for drinking:

Leo’s favorite thing this weekend – playing in the parking lot (there was about zero traffic):

Playing inside while it rained.

Such a great weekend despite Leo being cranky most of the time.  Melody and Chris were so sweet to host us and we loved loved loved staying with them!

How was your weekend?  Do you have off today?


4 thoughts on “Indy women’s half marathon

  1. Ugh. I was not sure what the weather was going to be like there this weekend, but it sounds like the same as here. It was NOT the weekend for a good race. And especially if you woke up with cramps. I went out for a run on Saturday and did 3 miles then came back in because I was so miserable from the humidity. I told Steven last night that I am so over this awful weather. Ugh. I am sorry you had to run 13.1 in it! But! You got to do it with your friend and it sounds like that was a ton of fun. And I am happy you felt well enough to have lunch after, despite puking at the end!

    I cannot believe they were telling you to move along. And that there was no energy food on course. 😦

    P.S. I only made it to 16 of my 20 this weekend too. It was in the 90s when I tried so I think that counts for 20. I think yours does since it was part of a race 🙂

    Happy Labor Day!

  2. I think you did awesome considering the circumstances. Cramps + weather + no fuel = not a good combination. And I can’t believe you went out for 3 more. I definitely consider it close to 20.

    I hadn’t thought of the lack of gels until my friend asked, and I then realized that it was odd for a race trying to be “so big” to not have that kind of support.

  3. I’d call that race one serious WIN! Being able to enjoy running with your friend is great. I’ve been wondering about doing this race next year since it’s relatively close and cheap. Not thrilled to hear they didn’t really have fuel on the course (although I’m usually good about bringing my own).

    I can’t believe how big Leo is getting! Holy cow

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