look what the dave dragged in

Meet Badger.

Dave found him yesterday while out for a walk, stranded, dirty, and hungry.  He brought him home and we cleaned him up and got him food and water.  He’s living in the mudroom right now, with jaunts into the house, hoping to get he and Mosie acclimated to each other.  So far she does a lot of hissing and running away.  He does a lot of happy trotting and purring.  Leo is delighted to have a kitty he can touch.  We’re still learning the concept of “gently.”

Any advice for helping Mosie welcome Badger?


17 thoughts on “look what the dave dragged in

  1. I made sure my older kitty had lots of places to hide and get away from the little kitty so he knew it was still “his” house. It took about a week but they eventually just learned to live together. They don’t exactly like each other but tolerate each other for the most part. I’ve also had 2 cats that LOVED each other but those were adopted together so they didn’t know any different that to always be together. I hope it goes smoothly for everyone! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Amber! So far we’ve had Badger in the house and we try to pet Mosie while he runs around. Then we also have time where he’s in the mudroom and she’s in the house. But she’s not pleased either way at the moment. 🙂

  2. He’s adorable! Also, your legs look great in that last pic 🙂

    Peter says this book might be good for Leo:

    We kept Malcolm and Darcy separate for 1 week – we wanted to get him checked at the vet to make sure he didn’t have anything he could pass on to Darcy. He lived in our bathroom, but we’d shut her in a room and let him run around the house to get familiar with it, and then let her back out, so his scent would be out there. We’d also go in and pet on him, then pet on her, and vice versa to transfer their scents to one another. When we finally let them “meet,” we were there to supervise, and tried to make sure when he came out to live in the house permanently that it was over the weekend so we could be there.

    I won’t lie, she hissed at him quite a bit for a few days, and ran away, and then I think her mama cat instincts kicked in. They’d lie together on the couch and she’d give him a bath. Now that he’s bigger they don’t do that too much, but they do play and wrestle. I think Mosie’ll be fine!

  3. He is so cute! So he is a keeper?! Yay!

    I have no idea how to get the two used to each other. That is why we don’t have another cat – Data thinks he is king.

    I agree with the others – that skirt is too cute!

  4. Have no worries. They were meant to dislike each other for awhile. Don’t most siblings? They’re just staking out their territory. Trying to show who’s boss. Let them hiss. Let them bite and chase. Some of it will be play, in disguise!!
    Might I also suggest that Badger see the vet for earmites, worms and feline leukemia before too much contact is made with Mosie? Perhaps the visit has already happened. Hate to have the cat drag in something unwanted!! Have fun! It’ll be awesome.

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