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a day in the life: 1 year!

At his 6 month doctor appointment Leo was in the 0% for weight (just 12lbs.!) and the 20% for height.  Our doctor told us we really needed to focus on getting Leo to gain some weight.  Happily, Leo had a great appetite for food.  And also for avocadoes.  We fed him an avocado a day for a month (seriously, I don’t think we missed a day).  After that we eased up on, but still focused on getting calorie-dense, good foods into him.  At 9 months we eased up a little more – just making sure Leo was eating well and eating enough.  And our efforts definitely paid off!  At Leo’s 1 year appointment he came in at 22lbs. 12oz., in the 46% for weight and the 70% for height!  Our doctor was really pleased and very surprised.

Here’s what almost-23 pounds-one-year-old of Leo is up to right now!

5:30-6am: Leo wakes up.  Unless it’s this week, in which case he gets up at 4:45am.  We suspect another tooth.  In any case, he’s up, he has 6oz. of formula and a diaper change.  I drink some coffee and eat a snack – generally half a tortilla with peanut butter and sesame seeds.  I’ve started making Leo a quarter tortilla with pb and sesame seeds because if he seems me eating mine, he comes begging.  Then it’s into the stroller and out the door.  We generally run for 1.5 to 2 hours.  If Leo got up early (like 4:45am) he’ll take a 15-20 minute powernap.  I stop the stroller and wake up him so he doesn’t nap any longer than that.  While riding he likes looking at cars and other bikers/runners.  He also loves to play with my running watch and a foil pack of GU Chomps.  I sometimes pack cheerios or puffs to help keep him happy, too, although they’re not needed too much.

8-8:30am: Arrive home.  Dave has left a green smoothie in the fridge for Leo.  I’ll either give Leo the smoothie while I start work or Dave will give it to him.  After that he plays upstairs while I work.  We close the baby gate at the top of the stairs, close all the doors off the hallway, and let him roam.  My desk is in the family room where Leo’s toys are, so he wanders around the hallway or plays in the family room.  He’s generally really happy to play by himself.

10am: Leo naps.  I grab a very fast shower.  After 45 minutes we wake Leo up, otherwise he won’t nap in the afternoon.  He plays for a bit and then we head down for lunch.  Lunch is often some leftovers from dinner the night before, a muffin with peanut butter, applesauce with flax and cinnamon, cheese, or some combination of all of those.  He also drinks some water! After lunch is a little reading time and more playing.  Dave will often take Leo for an afternoon walk.

1 or 1:30pm: snack time!  Leo has some cheerios and a cup of rice milk.

2pm(ish): Leo goes down for a nap.  Ideally he’ll sleep 2+ hours, but sometimes we only get 1.5 hours.  If it’s less than 1.5 Dave and I roll our eyes and buckle in for a long afternoon/evening (but 90% of the time he does well).

5pm: Leo has dinner with us.  Right now he has whatever we are having, just cut up small or slightly modified.  After dinner we’ll take a family walk or bike ride.  Then we’ll come home and play with Leo, read books, or get him a bath.  We try to keep 5-7pm as time together as a family.

7pm: 6oz. of formula and down for bed!  We have a toothbrush to start brushing his teeth with water before he goes down, but haven’t incorporated it into the our routine yet.  Our routine-to-be-implemented is the bottle, then brushing his teeth with water (in his room, with lights low/off), reading a bible story together (we have The Big Picture Bible), then down to bed.

At 7:30pm Dave and I are free for the night!  Sometimes (not too often) I go for a run.  Every other night I’ll start the diapers washing.  But most of the time we’ll watch a little tv on hulu, read books, or watch part of a movie.  Sometimes Dave makes banana ice cream while I’m feeding Leo.

9pm: bed!

Teeth: Leo has 2 teeth on the bottom and 2 on top, with another 2 budding through on top.  If he manages to crunch a cheerio between his teeth he thinks it’s the funniest thing!

Food: He’ll eat pretty much anything but fruit, cheese, and peanut butter are favorites.  He’s also really been loving veggies that have a little butter on them.  From hummus pizza to barley and lentils, he hasn’t really turned up his nose at anything!

Play: Leo loves to read books (on his own and with us).  His favorite right now is Chicky Chicky Chook Chook.  It’s a really cute book, but when he wants it read again and again and again… well, I’ve thought about hiding it.  He also loves Little Blue Truck, and Who’s On the Farm?  Other favorite games: kicking a soccer ball, getting chased by us, playing peekaboo, throwing things down the stairs, taking apart all his toys, stacking things, listening to music.

Changes: We haven’t used his jumper or bouncer in the last month or so.  We could probably pack them up and put them away (OR take them to my sister who is pregnant!!!).  We also got a giant baby gate for the stairs downstairs.  Giant.  And yes, a little ugly.  But also the best solution since the first stair is open and wouldn’t be able to have a gate attached to it.  We also have some cabinet locks to install, as Leo just started getting interested in opening them.  He doesn’t take anything out, he just opens them and shuts them, looking at us, waiting for a reaction.  Hello, little boundary-tester.  This also applies to the trash can.

Words: Well, we admitted it at the doctor yesterday, so I guess we should just come out with it.  Leo says “no.”  Or really, “neh!  neh!” when he doesn’t like something or wants us to move.  Other than that he mimics noises and likes to walk around shouting “da da da bah bah!”  He also has a specific high-pitched squeal that he does for Mosie and any cat he sees (outside or in books).  We think he’s trying to meow?  In any case, he only makes it for cats.

Favorites: Pa.  He is a daddy’s boy!  He also likes when we snort like a pig.  Loves getting tickled and wrestled.  Loves “The Wheels on the Bus.”  Must have a share of whatever you’re eating or drinking.  Loves when you say “I’m going to get you!”

It’s been a very fast year, but so so great, surprisingly easy in some areas and mind-numbingly hard in others.  But perfect, all of it!  Leo, we love you!


5 thoughts on “a day in the life: 1 year!

  1. what a sweet little guy you have! I have loved reading about Leo’s growth this year. I can’t believe it has been a year already! Its funny because he and Jadon love so many of the same things–wheels on the bus, piggy oinks, tickles, etc!
    I can’t get over how early your day starts. YIKES! Did you want it to start that early or does he just tend to wake up that early?

  2. I literally almost wept looking at leo’s evolution from birth! even though my son is only 6 weeks old i pictured him growing up as fast as leo seems to! be still, my heart!

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