Leo’s 1st birthday party

On Saturday we celebrated Leo’s first birthday.  In general we kept his party pretty low-key, but I knew I wanted to do a little extra for his cake.  Growing up, my mom made each of us special shape cakes for each of our birthdays until we were 12 years old.  It’s something I really really loved and always looked forward to (and still vividly remember a lot of the cakes!) so I wanted to do the same for Leo.  Still, I’m not always the best baker or the most creative, so I was nervous about the cake.  Luckily, my mom had a book of shape cake recipes and I found the perfect one that was also pretty easy.

It ended up being pretty easy – a 9×13 cake cut and move together and frosted.  I use pull and peel licorice for the legs, tail, and mouth.  A marshmallow and chocolate chip for the eye, colored sprinkles for the man, and a marshmallow with frosting and sprinkles for the tail.  I was really happy with how the cake came out!  I also made a little cake for Leo, using a small bundt pan that was used for us when we were babies, too.

Other than cake we had Leo’s favorite foods – chips and guacamole (avocado!), cheese and crackers, and grapes and strawberries.  We didn’t decorate except for a simple balloon banner.

Leo also had a special birthday hat that my mom made him.  Surprisingly, he actually tolerated wearing it for a little bit!

For the cake itself, Leo licked a little of the frosting and tried one bite of cake, but never cracked a smile.  Pretty soon he started tossing cake on the floor, so we cleaned him up and moved on!

We had such a fun day hanging out with friends and family and celebrating Leo!

Tomorrow I’ll do a “day in the life” post about Leo plus some exciting news from his doctor appointment!


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