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Leo hasn’t been 100% since he got sick on Saturday night.  During the day he’s pretty much normal, minus a little snot and some hoarseness.  But at night he either sleeps really well or has a terrible time – waking up and staying up.  On Monday night he was up again, miserable and sad.  From his cry we could tell that he probably had a sore throat – he just sounded hoarse.  I made a late night run to CVS to see what I could find.  Happily, they carried Zarbee’s All-Natural Children’s Cough Syrup.

I hadn’t heard of this before but was really pleased when I found it.  It’s basically a honey elixir made with buckwheat, dark honeys, water, Vitamin C, fruit acid, and zinc.  Because Leo is now one, he could have some.  While Dave and I aren’t anti-medicine, we try to find natural remedies and try them first.  So we were really happy to find this medicine and for it to be so easily accessible at CVS!  (That being said, when I have a nasty head cold I grab Mucinex.  I can’t stand having a stuffy nose and Mucinex always takes care of it.  Fast.  It is always most definitely not “natural.”)

Zarbee’s also makes adult cough medicine.  We’ve also used Sambucol when we’ve gotten sick, with really good results.  That is also at CVS and also Walmart.

What do you use when you’re getting sick?  What do you give your kids?


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  1. I tried garlic in my ear for a recent ear infection. It was ridiculous. It didn’t take away the pain and I was lying in bed with an oily clove of garlic stuck in my ear. As soon as the Urgent Care opened, I was there.

  2. how’d they work?
    I like to use doterra essential oils. I only buy one at a time since they’re pricey, but I really like the “on guard” blend for colds and breathing and preventative stuff. peppermint is good for an upset stomach. they have TONS and you can find oils at natural food stores (they would probably be less expensive since doterra is the brand name. I have friends that sell so I like to help them out . . )

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