turning ONE

On Sunday, Leo turned ONE!  We had big plans for the day, including a trip to the zoo and lots of time together as a family (we’re having a birthday party for him this coming weekend).  Saturday morning we had Leo’s 1 year photo shoot.  He did awesome – walking about, smiling, being playful.  It was by far the best and easiest shoot we’ve had with him.  We’ve gotten really great pictures from all the shoots (3mo., 6mo., and 9mo.), but he was often grumpy or didn’t want to smile.  We did the pictures at the park and he walked around, grinning.  When the photographer fed him snacks, he was in heaven.

Saturday night Leo fought going down for the night, which is really unlike him.  We finally got him settled at 8pm.  But then the real fun started – Leo started waking up every 20 minutes (literally – I watched the clock) until 1:30am.  He had a really stuffy nose and we suspect a sore throat.  He would fall asleep almost instantly on us when we picked him up and would stay asleep when we laid him down, but then would wake up 20 minutes later.  He was miserable and we weren’t sure how best to help him.  We turned the humidifier on high in his room and I even tried to sit on the couch with him and sleep there, but he wouldn’t have it.  Finally, we just let him get up and play for 30 minutes or so.  At 2am I gave him a bottle and he went down again, this time until 4:30am.  He gave a squawk at 4:30, but stayed asleep until 5:30am, when he got up for the morning.

Plans for the zoo got scrapped.  We were tired, Leo was tired, and we figured a meltdown mid-zoo was likely.  Instead, we ate birthday baked oatmeal for breakfast, then strapped Leo in the stroller.  We knew he could breathe better sitting up.  For being August it was pretty cold!  Our little lion cub, ready for his birthday walk, tired and a little sick:

We ended up walking for two hours.  Leo slept for a little over an hour, which was hugely helpful to him.

We came home and laid low, playing with him and having lunch.  Leo went down for an early afternoon nap and – thankfully! – slept well.  The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful.  I took Leo on an evening walk so Dave could work on a house project.  Leo loved running around the park – open spaces are awfully exciting to him – and had a good time on the swings.  He also discovered his shadow.  Big fun!

Happily, he went down easily and slept really well for the night!

Yesterday Leo seemed much better, although he still had some congestion, was more temperamental, and refused to nap in the afternoon.  We spent some more time at the park and he also got to break in his new carseat!

It’s awesome to have him in a new seat that fits him much better.  It’s forward facing, which is fun and different for him, too.  We know it’s recommended to do rear-facing until he’s almost 2, but with our car that would have meant putting the passenger seat all the way up into the dashboard.  Not realistic.

I’ll have a day in the life post sometime soon.  We also have his party this weekend and a doctor appointment next week.  Turning one is big fun!

We love you, Leo!


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  1. Aww! Happy Birthday Leo! I am sorry the zoo plans got zapped but it still sounds like a fun day! 🙂 I hope he feels 100% better!

    I was thinking to ask about the front-facing age (because I did not know) right before you explained it! I am always curious about those things!

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